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Author Topic: Teacola-rose Hull  (Read 798 times)

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Booking / Comms

Driving back from the airport in the morning after a crazy 4 nights in Sin City, I didn’t want the party to end and I also wanted to avoid the inevitable come down!!

I text Teacola to check if she was available in the afternoon as there was no green light showing and she text back quickly to confirm she was free and we agreed 5pm. 


Having arrived at the post code given, I called Teacola after I parked up out of the way and she gave me directions to her apartment. 

The building is very discreet with a secure entrance.   The apartment itself was modern and clean.


£60 for 30 mins


When Teacola opened the door, I was pleased to see it was definitely the girl in the pictures and she was wearing suspenders and heels as requested.  My only qualm was that she is 5ft 6-5ft 8 and with heels on, she was taller than me! I prefer the petite types but this was my own fault as I hadn’t checked her stats out.

Teacola led me to her bedroom and the first thing you notice is that she has rows and rows of shoes against the walls i.e. heaven for someone with a foot fetish.  I am partial to a nice pair of feet in some sexy heels but that wasn’t on my mind; I wanted to get my mouth round those big tits of hers!  I was offered a shower but I politely said no as I had literally showered and set off to meet her.

Teacola suggested we started with a massage and I thought not a bad shout after the long flight.   After about 5 minutes of a nice back massage, I flipped round and Teacola revealed her huge tits.  I live for boobs so the revelation immediately got the fella standing to attention.   

I would add here, the boobs are obviously fake (as you can probably see from the pictures; there wasn’t anywhere near as many pictures at the time of my booking) and slightly out of shape but nonetheless, I had my hands round them in no time and tweaking her nipples while she slipped a rubber on. 

Teacola is definitely talented at sucking dick and every time I was close to the edge, I sat up and had a good lick, nibble and bite of her nipples before laying back down.  This continued for about 5 minutes or so.

I knew I wanted to fuck Teacola doggy so I signalled an end to the blowy and Teacola suggested cowgirl so I could see her tits as it was obvious I liked them.  I thought fucking great idea actually.  Teacola eased her way on to the fella and did what I love, bouncing on my dick whilst crouched!  I usually find it shit when the girl is on top and she simply sits on you gyrating back and forth!  I realised immediately I wasn’t going to last seeing Teacola riding me with her tits in full view and before I knew it, the load had been shot. 

Teacola removed the rubber and gave the fella a nice little wipe down which is always a nice touch.  Pisses me right off when they leave you to take it off.  I get the logic, the rubber is on me but I’ve just fucking paid you considerably above the national minimum wage so a quick removal and disposal of the rubber wouldn’t go amiss!

We both got dressed and had a little chat before I thought fuck this, I’m going! I was there probably just under 30 minutes but I didn’t mind as it was my choice to leave early.


I apologise if the above (and below) is more waffle and less detailed about the booking but, in my defence, this is my first ever review and Teacola was my first ever ‘proper’ booking.  Before her, although I had been on AW for some time, I had never actually taken the plunge and had always visited brothels in the past (Caesers in Sheffield being my first).

The booking also took place well before I discovered this gem of a forum so I wasn’t really aware that there was no harm in asking questions and requesting services before and during the booking (e.g. rules on how many ‘cummings’ are permitted in the time slot).  My biggest concern was getting there and it being some minger.  I was just used to paying at the door, going in, banging the living day lights out of whomever was the best looking and walking out.   

I also see from this forum that FK/DFK is a must for many of you and as I didn’t know this was possible on bookings made via AW, I never explored it with Teacola but I have a feeling she would be the kind to only do it if she’s attracted to you.    I’m aware that she is probably off the cards for a lot of you due to no OWO however, as much as I like OWO, I’m easy going on the basis that it reduces the chances of STD’s which I could pass on to the OH!!

All in all, it was a good booking and I would recommend her if you have some time to kill in Hull as she has a cracking body, a bubbly/friendly personality that puts you at ease and a great rack!!  That said, she’s a bit chavvy but I wouldn’t say it’s a deal breaker.  Put it this way, I’ll definitely be back for more!!

For those interested, she has snapchat and her user name is pretty.rose2    it’s amazing how much stuff she reveals on there, no secret life for this one!!

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to mention, she has a twin sister!! Unfortunately, although the twin (not a lookalike) does webcam shows etc., I don’t think they offer duo bookings!  Missing a trick there if you ask me!
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3 review(s) found for teacola-rose linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline mrfishyfoo

OH MY !!!!  :yahoo: :yahoo: I reckon I could get over there being no OWO when the lass is that fit.

Hull's looking good.  :thumbsup:

Cheers for sharing fella.  :hi:
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I reckon I could get over there being no OWO when the lass is that fit.

That was exactly my thought process!

Admin - the links from my review don't appear to be linking back to the other links of teacola on the forum? 

Offline hullad

Good report of a girl I have talked to a bit but never visited always comes across a lass who has not been ' hardened' by her chosen profession.

I really must see her been far too long on my " to do list" whilst I piss about with Romanian skanks...
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Good report of a girl I have talked to a bit but never visited always comes across a lass who has not been ' hardened' by her chosen profession.

I really must see her been far too long on my " to do list" whilst I piss about with Romanian skanks...

Do it! Much better than a rommy!

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