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Author Topic: Wanesssa HA3  (Read 798 times)

5 review(s) for Wanessa x Charming (3 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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 :hi:  A thanks to Steve2 for the tip ...saw her twice before this review which is combo of vists better than the pic`s a stocky flat tumed 10-12 size but slim olive skinned B-D cupper firm and clean shaven fun park. We  know the place and the drill lads comms ect parking all fine 

Started with washing of hands and little fella then FK light and OWO just the bell end  till rockers on with a tight fitting mac :unknown: I am only 4 inches where do they get these tiny ones from? I did not eat out as they say it was offered and was clean but I wanted to get her on the fella.

Started with a foot wank with her wearing stilettos  :scare: prior to mac on on 2 vist  I had taken 30mg or so so was in working order :D
Dogggy on corner of bed me standing Excellent,
Mish me standing her on corner of bed me pounding Excellent as was Kneeling and lying on top of her and sucking tits Excellent..
Cowgirl well she tried but it was just a grind and although I could suck on the tits she just was not in to it :unknown:
She also kept her eyes closed though out the put when everlooked at her face :( I thumb polished her clit only to be told no fingers so just got on with pumping her...she seemed quite detached 1st vist so I thought give it another go more or less the same but second I had taken 50mg and was hard as iron so to speak whilst pumping in mish for 10 mins I noticed the red flush on her chest and felt a slight tightening so I slowed down and savoured this bit but it was like  :unknown: I finished both times with her legs up spread , she is flexible although firm it was a service as they say I walked out knackered each time so in that sense a positive but a so so experience with lack of engagement .. Start of the week I did Lucy of Berwick St (again ) who acted as if I was the man for 10mins she is a star of the big tit world  :drinks:  Wanessa/ Bella is a VFM milf service fuck with little interaction. That's another pint I owe Steve2 :drinks:
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5 review(s) found for Wanessa x Charming linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

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That's another pint I owe Steve2

glad you enjoyed....me too.... :drinks:

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