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Author Topic: Good_Girl69 Paisley  (Read 1782 times)

I'm not defending the review, like I said above, it's a pretty poor review that offers very little insight into the booking in question. I'm defending the punter who has written a review which is a positive contribution to this forum, whereas you appear to have contributed absolutely bugger all.

You have made 17 reviews yet it takes me with none to mention its drivel, the punter I have no issue with but I find the support for empty mills and boon novels reviews a bit disturbing  :(

Might be a shout to restrict access to the Review section to those who leave them.

Offline Clattypats

You seem to be "done wasting your time here" a lot. You come across as suspicious, demanding, and very arrogant.  Have a nice day....
Don't really care how I come across to you..your a total irrelevance to me :D

Now go stick your dummy back in your mouth and stop greetin cause i asked you a couple of questions,which you misconstrued as me calling you a liar, which I wasnt,by the way.

Think you were the arrogant one in your response to my second question at the time if you remember correctly..

So in that thread you called me obsessed,and in this one suspicious,demanding and arrogant...What are you,my psychologist :lol: 

Not to mention you've just basically come on this thread to start an argument with me...Hmmmm... That's not what I'm on this site for,though  :hi:
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Offline mavgoose

Clatty. Leffub may be someone we have had dealings with before on here. Leave it with me. For now.

Offline Clattypats

Clatty. Leffub may be someone we have had dealings with before on here. Leave it with me. For now.

Offline Firebird


What's the script then leffub, are you claiming to be someone you're not?

Offline leffub

Nope, I am who I am, and always will be.

I'm amused that the self - appointed punting police of this forum are now expending their energies on whether I am someone else.

What a load of bollocks.

Move on, folks, and try to enjoy.
Banning reason: Troll

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