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Author Topic: Trans Sophia UK  (Read 1382 times)

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Offline Leveve


1 hour = £150

Saw this touring TS pop up in town on the local AW search a couple of weeks ago and I went for it, despite a bit of squeamishness. Obviously of no appeal to many – for the record I consider myself straight and have no inclination toward sex with normal dudes. Also have no interest in arguing the toss with any who think different   :music:.

I got through by phone and arranged an appointment for later that day – it was all straightforward and easy to sort out.

Posh harbour side apartment building. S/he gave good directions by text on how to get past reception to the lifts.
South American tranny. Being honest a deepish voice on the phone was a bit disconcerting but not so bad in person. Physically feminine figure and face – pics are genuinely representative (no bullshit, the other reviews on her say the same). Inevitably I was looking to see any signs of obvious masculinity but longish legs, short body, chunky arse, wide hips:narrow waist ratio, thin arms, small hands and feet, small jaw, big lips and eyes, good bolt ons... and a functional cock and balls.

I have no clue but have to wonder if some hormone use (perhaps from a young age) is involved in a male getting a figure like that. I’m fairly sure some pharmaceutical treatment must have used to get the cock hard.

Good attitude – friendly and enthusiastic. A physical, raunchy fuck,as full on as I’ve had and in my top 5 punts - it was a mental buzz to do something so taboo tbh. I’ll spare the gory fine detail,

Oral both ways (OWO on me, covered on Sophia)
Rimming on me
Anal (me giving)

Would I return? Not 1-2-1 but a threesome with a filthy slut being spitroasted and DP’d sounds alright. A bucket list item ticked off though in any case. I would guess this may be towards the better end of tranny prossies when it comes to looks and service delivery and if you’re into it, based on my one experience I would recommend her (  :rolleyes: I know, him  :sarcastic: ).

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5 review(s) found for TRANS SOFIA UK linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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Online pumps

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Online pumps

Thanks for the review

Anal (me receiving)

don't be shy, you can tell us the truth  :sarcastic:

Thanks for the review

don't be shy, you can tell us the truth  :sarcastic:
:lol: she looks great,don't think I could ever actually do one though!

Offline Leveve

Where did you see him/her? :unknown:

Plymouth, just forgot to write that in the title

Thanks for the review

don't be shy, you can tell us the truth  :sarcastic:

 :lol: Its not true!

anyway, no witnesses so you can't prove that
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Not my thing but good review and glad you had a good time. :hi:

Offline Andyply

Not my thing but good review and glad you had a good time. :hi:
+1 totally agree, glad you had a good time. Seen her profile many times on VS, not on my BL just yet though.  ;)

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