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Author Topic: Spanish Sabrina - U/F 8 Greek St. Soho walk up  (Read 1025 times)

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This was a Soho Walk Up so no link available.

She works 4 weeks on till 9.30pm and then 4 weeks off. Changeover 5 October.

She's not the youngest, slimmest or prettiest in Soho but delivers the goods with great attitude friendliness and skills. Personally I much prefer a good attitude and service over looks. A nice lady.

Paid £30 for blowie and sex but told her I'm happy for her to go for it in oral. On with the rubber and away she went. She kept going with good technique for ages till I popped and I left happy. I had action yesterday evening so it took a while. Will try sex next time.

If you rate skill, attitude and service, which I do then she is recommended as a good soho option.

Sabrina's a good 'un and will open up more after repeat visits. Well worth cultivating if you hit it off with her and find yourself in Soho on a regular basis.

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