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Author Topic: Tea House?  (Read 1225 times)

Offline Holtender

Cant comment on services but this place is not going to be discrete to visit.

Major road, 3ft high letterng on the fence and an uber conservative neighbourhood with loads of curtain twitchers.

Talk of.a local action group taking and checking reg's

Seems a very daft business model....

Offline Roadster

If that is their business model I don't think it's daft, I think it is colossally, mind bogglingly stupid!  It also seems to have been accompanied by some very serious investment.  Putting the one together with the other made me ask the question.

Aside from Channel 4 buying Bake Off for 25 million without first tying up the talent, you don't often get spectacularly bad and massively funded in private projects.

I guess this is either a case of mistaken identity. (it isn't a brothel and actually is a tea room), or it is, as you suggest, high comedy. 

In any event, I just want to make it clear that I wasn't asking because I was considering a visit.   :lol: :lol: :lol:

Offline r1chard

It is not far from Clover Spa which is an openly naturist hotel.  However, all reports (and a couple of my own visits) suggest very legit.  Masseuses stay clothed and no hint of extras.  Although I understand there may have been some naughtiness in the past.

Offline vision2014

Same sort of set up which was out at chaddsley corbbet  just outside kidderminster about 3 years ago parties outdoor things going on late in the garden girls standing on the corner just gone midnight fri . sat 

they got raid found drugs  guns, parlour etc

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