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Author Topic: Emilie spanish escort in birmingham.  (Read 1988 times)

Offline solidus

I've not seen her but I'm sure the photos are the same as the girl discussed in this topic:


Her AW profile disappeared a while ago (I think), would be interesting to know if she is still around..

Offline CoolTiger

It was myself who posted that article on Classy_Brunette (Emmy). She was in Leicester at the time (June-12), but
then moved to Bham and was there for a good few months. The Pics seen familiar, but I cannot recall her properly,
and it may be this girl. I did store her number and this ended in 868472.

The Vivastreet ad has a different mobile number, ending 113331.

There is no harm in ringing Emilie (similar name) and enquring if she previously worked as Emmy (she had excellent FB
on AW, so am surprised she removed it).
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Offline jartimus

Thanks for the info, I might do that :)

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