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Author Topic: Beware Gina Ryder of Supa Cutees Maidenhead  (Read 1312 times)

Beware of Gina Ryder of the Supa Cutees in Maidenhead.

Booked this girl in advance on adult work a few months back she accepted the booking but when i arrived at her flat a different girl answered the door saying Gina wasn't available.

Messaged her afterwards and she said rebook i'll give you a discount.

Rebooked she was there on that occassion and it wasn't a bad session.

Her place is convenient for me so i did another advanced booking which she accepted.

Arrived at the flat again a different girl answered the door saying Gina is on a flight to Spain!

The other girl is pretty hot so i saw her and another 'Supa Cutee' for a threesome which was awesome.

They both said try Gina again its probably just a misunderstanding.

Fool that i am i booked her again and after accepting the booking cancelled at a few hours notice.

Watch out guys if you do book her have a back up.

Or better still book the other 'Supa Cutee' Emily DeVinny who i have seen twice turns up and is pretty good.

Offline SSPete

Some of Gina's feedback looks very suspect. Doesn't sound like a complete con artist, just very scatty. But thanks for the warning.

Yes i think she is scatty rather than a con artist.

There is a group of them and the only one who seemed to know what she was doing was Catherine.

Catherine is in her thirties but really hot i saw her twice on her own and then planned to see her with
Gina in a threesome.

Wanted to see Gina on her own first and thats when the problems started.

The only bonus was Catherine and Emily as a threesome instead.

Catherine really new what she was doing wow and Emily was a bit nervous but super hot.

Have seen Emily since and she is less nervous.

Great body, nice personality and very eager to please.

If you go for a Super Cutie go for Emily.

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