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Author Topic: Regulars  (Read 2916 times)

Offline AVGscot

Seen a few girls more than once but nothing that would be defined as regular. However I do see one girl every 3-4 weeks. She often messages me when she's "available" aka dusty phone. These meets always go well over time and are still fun and we've started doing new things not on her likes list so works out well for me. If that ever stops I'll stop seeing her, simple.

I also recently had a meet with a tourer and will be seeing her again next time she visits, which could definetly be a regular thing each time she tours up my way.
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Offline lewis666

I've not got one yet given the turn over where I live but should it happen I would have thought that your avoiding all the blah blah blah at the beginning and she knows what you want or like and you feel more relaxed around them, maybe I should put more effort into finding out   :D

Offline rubric

I used to have regulars in somewhat pre-internet days, because I tended to find the parlours I liked and stuck with them because the alternative was often rather grim.

These days there are a lot of options in terms of girls who have been reviewed well, the most popular girls are frequently hard to get hold of, and a lot of them move around anyway, which makes it somewhat harder to find and stick with regulars.

So swings and roundabouts [it used to be fun visiting the same parlour every saturday and booking an hours appointment that would always overrun because I used to arrive as soon as they opened].

Just one regular at the moment but she works quite a way from me.  My other regular from last year has finished.  I have since seen 2 other girls twice and am planning on revisiting them both again.

Offline will-ow

these days i try not to have regulars, as sometimes i can feel a little too close for comfort (i dont want to know their life stories) but id say theres 1or 2 girls i would see but with big spaces between the meets

Sadly i have temporarily lost my mojo for adventurous TOFFT'ing/variety (so no new reviews)
thus rely on 2 regulars who are both within 6 minutes of-my-front-door-to-their-bed away

Offline Donnie69

I have one regular at the moment, who I've seen for 3 and a half years.

She's had a rough time recently with personal problems, and I've made allowances.

I'm close to giving up on her now, because she is too moody and doesn't make an effort to please me.
Easy money has made her lazy. 

Offline quakeroat

2 regulars right now. I prefer the familiarity of seeing the same girl and feel more comfortable after getting the first visit out of the way. Always on the lookout for a new reg so I will see a new girl every now and again

Offline cueball

I have 4 regulars but regular to me is maybe different to a lot of others, I'll probably see a monthly, that makes Re visits about every 4 months on a kind of rota.

I like New faces too much to just see same lasses all the time.

Offline Game on

I've had a couple of regular wg's, now i just go with what takes my fancy. I like a bit of variety.

Offline Donnie69

I saw my regular and her dirty friend recently.  My regular is back to her excellent form, so being patient during her emotional trauma was worthwhile. She is more or less retired, as she just sees two old clients, and doesn't advertise anywhere.

Her friend was really good too.

I average a punt every 4 - 6 weeks, say 9 per year. I have one "reg" I've so far seen 5 times this year and 3 new ones  I doubt I'll bother with again cos I compare them to my "reg" and judge them to be not as good. But........ I've detected the reg getting complacent and lacklustre so unless she bucks up on next meet I'll be binning her and looking for a new reg.
S'pose what I'm saying is things evolve but I like the idea of a dependable reg and my mindset is to find a good 'un and stick with her as far as possible.

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