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Author Topic: Regulars  (Read 2912 times)

Offline zigzag

I was wondering in general how many regulars people tend to have and how regularly they see them? I realise it would be dependent on a number of factors like punting budget or opportunity but was curious how members manage their punting,

Offline PickleTwiddler

Thinking about it...I've probably got three at the moment, all at the same parlour.  I try to keep my visits down to 2/month, and each visit is 90 or 120 min split across usually 2, sometimes 3 girls, including a half-hour with a non-regular for "research".
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I have 3 regulars who I see about once a month each depending on funds . Usually 30 minutes as now I'm a 1 pop guy.

None. I find the enjoyment comes from the anticipation of meeting a new WG and is much better than knowing what you're going to get from a punt.

Offline hullad

I have a couple I use on a regular basis and I have a routine of see a regular usually for an hour on special rates.

Then a newbie for thiry minues the cycle lasts around six weeks or more. One regular has become very unreliable of late and I suspect I get binned off for someone on the full rate, she is about to get binned for good......

Offline tesla

I have two current regs, I see maybe twice a month for 2 hours , however I took one away for the weekend last week at a cost to me of £450 plus I paid for meals and hotel. Neither are on AW anymore and only see a small select number of clients. In 38 years of punting I consider myself to be very lucky at the present time

Offline Jimmyredcab

No regulars at the moment due to the amount of shit on Adultwork ------------- I would like to find a regular though.
Slim, white.
English ----------- possibly EE but not Romanian or Hungarian.
No more than £120 an hour.
Within the M25 or just outside. :hi: :hi: :hi:

Offline zigzag

Thanks for the replies interesting to see different stratagies,  I've only seen 2 so far one I would like to make a reg but also don't want to get fixated on one as the idea of this was to get lots of variety and there is so much out there!

1 regular who I see 1-2 times a month. There is another lady who I have now seen 3 times in 4 months but I wouldn't class her as a regular, for now.

I did have 2 other regulars up until this year. One has become incredibly popular and it is just very difficult to get an appointment with her even for the next day. The other regular was great until the last meeting we had and after what can only be described as an indifferent session I have not been back to her.

Offline pking_paul

I had a sort of regular or two - saw them less than others say on here so not sure if they count. Once every six or so weeks. As mentioned above one left adult work but still worked. The other uses Adultwork but has a few regs who get first dibs. Not seen either in a while and waiting for inspiration to get me to punt again. New punts are fun but can also be disappointing in my book - I am too fussy - lol.

Offline denneboom

I'm a regular at 2 parlours.

I only punt the same 2 girls in one parlour and 3 girls in the other. If those girls are not available I will not try a new one out.

The punt just does'nt happen. Sometimes I call the parlour to check if they are there. 

Never thought I would want a regular, but have been visiting on wg for over a year and whenever I am thinking about a punt, she is always in the frame but sometimes loses out because I fancy trying someone new. I just had a couple of punts with another who I think might become regular-ish.

It is all down to how many boxes they tick, and these two tick many, but not all  :wacko:

None. I find the enjoyment comes from the anticipation of meeting a new WG and is much better than knowing what you're going to get from a punt.

Yep, I am with you on this how ever I have recently broken this rule :)

The researching, booking, discussing details of the punt etc can all add to the fun and sometimes it can be a massive disappointment. 

i think it is fine to have some regulars because some wg's will relax and open up about their life which i find v interesting to find out snippets of info about who they are as a person and what interests them outside of their job.  However there is always the possibility that if you see a regular too often things can get stale and boring.

Offline Plan R

Getting some Regulars is what my username is about.
I only got back into this hobby this year, got 2 in my list so far

I plan to accumulate about 5 regular girls that I really like and can always be confident of a good, great or transcendent punt with.
(That and a bit of variety here and there)
That's the plan... :D

Online Neal69

When I started punting in the UK just a few years ago I did see one WG on a regular basis but then got the bug to spread my wings when she moved away.

I then saw many WG's just the once or twice and had only seen one who is a touring girl whenever she visited my area  and I had the opportunity.

Recently ( this year) I thought to myself why am I forever on the hunt for something new when there are 4 girls that I have seen a few times who provide great service so why not stick to them.

So this is what I have been doing this year with the occasional venture out into something new.

To put this into perspective I have only seen one WG more than 10 times and 4 more than 5 times in over 100 punts.

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Lots of posters with seemingly lots of regulars but very few reviews  :thumbsdown:

Online Neal69

Lots of posters with seemingly lots of regulars but very few reviews  :thumbsdown:

Yeah well my review count has dried up simply because of this.


Yeah well my review count has dried up simply because of this.

Wasn't directed at you  :hi:

Online Neal69

I don't take things personally on here C&B.  :cool:

And I know it wasn't  :hi:


Offline howrude

There's been no set routine. Some girls I would like to see again and there'll be other new ones who I like to check out. I think the most I ever had at any one period of time was 12. But there was some I would see every few weeks for a few times and then not see for some months and then see a few times again with intervals of a few weeks. Or others who I would see a bit less.

Call me boring, but I like predictability. Once you've established a rapport with one or two regulars whom you know offer the services you want, why risk your fee on a stranger who, potentially, might not deliver? Also, as I like a submissive, I'm a bit limited to that cohort.
I fully appreciate a lot of guys want adventure and variety of the 'so many girls, so little time' variety, but it's just not me.
The danger, of course, is that you end up liking one too much. Did happen a few years back, but I didn't break my heart over it; just went out and found other good regulars.

Offline stewpid

I have 1 regular who I've seen around once a month since I started punting regularly a year or so ago. Yes, there is a danger of becoming attached, especially as now we are so relaxed with each other the sex becomes more passionate with each session, but I put that in check by also trying new girls regularly too. In fact my reg was not available this week so instead of sulking about that I just booked a session with someone new.  ;)

20 fucks so far each with a different prozzie.   So no regular for me.

Online Neal69

The one I have seen more than 10 times constantly amazes me with what she does differently every time.  :yahoo: :yahoo:

I go to the punt thinking YES I am going to do her doggy this time after many times of wanting that and she just blows me away with something different. And then she just offers me her arse for me to do doggy ( not anal).

She does say that I will get bored with her and move on but no signs of that yet from my perspective.

And No there is no EAS just a temporary girlfriend.


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