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Author Topic: Tina thai massage dudley  (Read 1447 times)

Hey guys how you doing today?  I am interested to know when does tina be at the massage place in Dudley on union st?  Because about two weeks ago while I was in Dudley and I fancied visiting this place but only to meet tina because staphler who did a review about tina mentioned that she is a busty size 12 woman and size 12 busty women are my preference but when I went there I met this petite size 8 girl called yaya with small tits.

What I can say about yaya is that her massaging skills was crap plus her boney elbows kept on hurting me and she was pressing down really hard with them pointy elbows and when she gave me body to body massage I asked her to lay on top of me but because of her poor English she could not understand me properly and all she kept on doing was leaning on me while standing next to the massage table and the HR was super fast and not slow and sensual and I swear it was so fast I thought that my dick will catch fire.

I also went there on sunday but the place was closed and I tried calling the mobile but it went straight to welcome to the 02 messaging service.  If tina is based somewhere please leave details of where she I can find her.

Offline thailuver

not 100% but think maybe its tina now who at times is in kulabs if the girl yaya had a big tattoo on her back it was also yada from kulabs what service was it and how much does she do the 20 quickie still, if any body knows of Tina would be curious is it same girl as kulabs ?

Offline thailuver

ps fancied Dudley myself but never an answer on 01384 number

Offline vision2014

Tina is at kub's in cradley heath too i saw her walking from the shop back in there on saturday she was also worked there the other month when i did my review

to be honest ive found much better now in gloucester if your wanting a drive that way i will pm details over to you

Offline thailuver

sure Gloucester is poss price details etc grateful
is Tina very short about 4ft 10 ?
if so may have seen her there already

Any one tried yaya aka yada with the big tattoo on her back for b2b?

Offline vision2014

Yea ive tried her at cradley st

not the best massage and her HE is very quick i had to do b2b just to check she was not a TS  has she spoke normal during massage but during HE and trying to rim me Her voice change to a deeper voice 

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