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Author Topic: TOFTT of the day - Jasmine_malay  (Read 440 times)

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Offline samsama

Link: https://www.adultwork.com/3734649

I randomly saw her profile and saw she was available... and a curvy Asian girl is one of my bucket list items, so I didn't even think twice despite the lack of review

Comms: pretty bad. By text. Sometimes she will just stop answering... until you relaunch her. It was honestly very annoying and I was considering just dropping it, but she's right next to where I work (right near Whitechapel station) so decided to just make it a "text me when you're ready" thing pretending I'm actually waiting. Definitely bad comms.

Place: Apartment near Whitechapel station. It was a studio and only had a sofabed. She asked me what did I prefer, I chose the sofa version, better for fucking  :D

The girl: Her pics are on point. What you see is what you get: she's short, curvy (borderline fat - but not ugly fat to me), has amazing boobs which is her best feature along with her super smooth skin. Face wise it's pretty much as expected, round Asian face. I personally find it pretty attractive. I don't think she's Malaysian btw. Looked more Chinese to me, and even her accent really sounded like Chinese. Not sure why you would pretend to be Malaysian? Anyway. Looks were pretty much what I was expecting

The meet: Jasmine was pretty friendly. She immediately asked me about what I wanted and then started kissing straight away. FT, no tongue involved but good effort regardless, she was very involved. She let me play for an extended time with her boobs and it felt amazing. Highlight of the punt to me. Tit wank included. Extended kissing and playing around, I specifically asked for fondling and body kissing and she looked very keen while playing with my dick and caressing it. Then she went for OWO, meh. Too much hand action and mouth only on the tip of it. I took her hand away and she did a bit better but definitely wouldn't go deep at all. It was pretty unremarkable

We then went for doggy which was good and she made sure I could grab her boobs during the action. Went for mish which was good as well, and then cowgirl. She really put good effort and was overall a good fuck. I asked her to finish me with a handjob while I bury my face in her massive boobs - heh, we all have our turn on right - and it was pretty bad. Doesn't look like she knows how to wank someone, handjob was pretty bad, death grip and frantically shaking, I had to give her instructions for it to be acceptable

So overall I want to give this a positive but I'll keep it neutral because too many parts of it ended up being lackluster, or blatantly bad.

Would I go back? No. I had my fun, that's enough for her!


- She looks like her pics, if you're into that
- Good effort and communication
- Good sex


- Zero oral skills
- Zero handjob skills
- Comms are a complete madness

1 review(s) found for Jasmine_malay linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Online PLeisure

I don't think she's Malaysian btw. Looked more Chinese to me, and even her accent really sounded like Chinese. Not sure why you would pretend to be Malaysian? Anyway.
One thing worth noting is that there's a huge Chinese population in Malaysia, just as there is an Indian one. They identify themselves as Malaysian  :hi:

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