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Author Topic: Roseangel VFM GFE, Wimbledon Village  (Read 680 times)

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Offline drwho

https://www.adultwork.com/3397413 or https://www.adultwork.com/roseangel

2nd visit to see this one a couple of months ago now.

Flat on Wimbledon High St. Nice safe location.
On the first occasion she asked me to text rather than ringing the bell when I was outside the door.
Unfortunately her phone then lost the network so I couldn't get through to her. After about 15 mins she sent me the "Where are you" text which rejoined her phone to the network and she came down to let me in. Slightly awkward as it was outside a pavement cafe on a summers lunchtime, but I didn't see anyone I knew.
2nd visit she allowed me to ring the bell when I arrived.
Other flats in building so I can see why she might be cautious about people accidentally ringing her neighbours bells.

Came to the door in a coat covering something skimpier underneath.
On the 2nd visit I asked for leather and boots. This was worn but with the coat on top when at the doorway.

Inside the flat she offered me wine both times, and surprisingly joined me both times, despite being early afternoon. I consider that a good thing anyway.

Made use of a tiny toilet/shower room, which despite it's size is perfectly serviceable and clean.
After that a few sips of wine while moving onto kissing and the main action.
The first occasion was 30 mins, 2nd was 60 mins.
Both times there was no clock watching and unlimited cums.
Rose is 26, a Bulgarian Brunette. Facially she's quite pretty, not stunning.
Her body is a little flabby. Stretch marks on the stomach and quite small tits.
A few fairly discrete tattoos.
What really makes it is her service and attention though.
Very good eye contact and cheeky facial expressions during the act. She gives a good impression that she's enjoying herself and doesn't hold back. No limit on kissing either.

On the first occasion after I'd come we carried on snogging and stroking etc and she moved in to give a prostrate massage while jerking me off. I had a play with a finger up her ass as well. As I was hard she turned over and let me mount her doggy. I hesitated to try anal that time, but just went for the pussy as she pointed out the long mirror opposite the bed letting us watch our performance.

On the 2nd visit I was upfront from the start about thinking of trying anal for the first time.
After cumming in missionary this time I got to give anal a try. Didn't manage to cum in the ass and was hesitant to bang away for too long but nice to give it a try for the first time. She didn't seem to have any difficulty and was good natured throughout.
I'd originally only given £100 at the start. She hadn't said anything but as her profile stated Anal was a £20 extra I passed her this on the way out, but could probably have gotten away with not paying the extra.

I was slightly put off earlier that she was busy on my originally requested appointment time, but let me book an hour leading right up to this next booking (ie it looked like she did back to back bookings)
As it turned out it was her sister visiting at this time who I met on the way out.

Incidentally there is also a rear entrance available (double entendre most definitely intended  :cool:)
I might make use of both of these on my next visit.

Refreshing GFE. Good value and a nice girl if not a complete stunner.


11 review(s) found for roseangel linked to in above post (9 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

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