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Author Topic: car meets in the services  (Read 1531 times)

Offline hellett87

Has anyone ever come across anything so daft as car meets in a motorway services was sat outside having dinner and reading at Peterborough services and a very attractive young lady let 2 blokes into the back of an Audi with tinted windows each stayed 15/20mins surely this isn't normal?

Offline Taggart

Who's to say what's normal these days? Some WGs tour in campervans.

Offline hellett87

Never heard of that but at least a camper is discrete?

Offline Hertsgent

If Carlsberg made motorway service areas....

Offline vt

If the car's a-rocking, don't come knocking!!  :lol:

Mind you, once she'd finished the other two, you could have asked for sloppy thirds!!  :scare:

Was it a sky blue Audi? I saw a very attractive blond in a lay-by down the a1 from Peterborough services yesterday who was chatting to guys who walked past, but, I was pushed for time so didn't hang around.

Offline hellett87

I think it was a black Audi definitely dark coloured 52 plate I think

Offline Henry767

I must say, since hearing tales of the old days and women working the lay byes snd cafes up and down the A1, this has been one if my fantasies.

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