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Author Topic: Sexy Raphaela anyone?  (Read 1361 times)

Anyone have info on this lovely lady?

Looking for info as I may be booking her tomorrow night. 

https://www.adultwork.com/1600978 or https://www.adultwork.com/SEXY+RAPHAELA

This would be my first punt :scare:.

She looks,great... Please,report back

She does look good.

Worth travelling to Maidstone for i think!

Offline tda666

Ah, she is on my hotlist and I very nearly booked her last week and should have as another Maidstone punt I had was decidedly average. Raphaela does look fantastic and has great feedback and is also cheap for this area, however it still looked a little too good to be true. I would be very interested if anyone takes a punt with her to get genuine feedback.

Offline lewis666

I'd take a chance on the first one as feedback is good and does have at least one picture which is not professionally touched up, although it is her back!! but gives away that they are real, never convinced about the verified member as without a verification pic it just shows they are over 18, well I think we can all guess that by the pictures   :dash:

Offline skittish

At a guess and it is only a guess I'd say she's sporting fake tits, if you're ok with that then from what you can see and read looks OK.

The tattoo on the right calf also supports the theory that the untouched photo is of the same girl.
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She has real tits :music:

Had a meeting with her last night.  She is the person in the pictures.   She showed up on time, didn't clock watch.  She did set her phone to go off when there was 15 min left.

Really tight pussy, gives great head.  Great tanned body and nice ass.  She's wants to please you that for sure.  She had a slight pudge in her belly.  But I think that's the way she is built,  Slim bottom half huge natural tits and a little belly :dancegirl:

Very friendly and she has great comm via text.  I didn't go through AW, just called and spoke briefly to her then coordinated everything via text. 

I can't compare her to others as this was my first punt.  But if its a blow job I want I would look her up.

First post - 4 previous and now a glowing report for this WG

Smells like trolling to me!

And profile now gone - what a surprise !

Offline tda666

Profile is still there sumof, I had loosely arranged to see her today but unfortunately I am not going to be in that area today anymore. I have received 2 emails from her promptly with regards to a meeting. I think she is genuine and for £60 for 30 mins that is cheap in that area. I will be giving it a try and report back with my findings !!

Thx for the update - b4 when i clicked on it - it was gone - but back now.

She looks ok - but a FR would be fab!

I still doubt the validity of the OP though ;P

Offline tda666

Ya, I agree about the OP. I am always wary if someone with single figure posts starts posting AW links etc. but I had clocked her a few weeks ago anyway and she already had 20 or so good feedbacks.

If I visit I will post a FR but I am not sure when I am next in that area.... soon hopefully !

I don't make punting a habit as this was my first.  Would it be better if I just spammed other threads to get my post count up?


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