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Author Topic: More for more? - Massage Parlour question.  (Read 1109 times)

A'right guys and gals, I have a question.
I'm a lover of a good Oriental massage and have been to a few of the local shops where I generally spend an hour enjoying myself. What I was wondering is, has anyone out there ponied up for a 90minute session?
I mean, why would you unless the girls go further than the old 'rub and tug' or the fabled oral finish (which I've never 'cum' across)?

I believe that the 30 minute sessions are 20 min massage 10 minute wank. 1 hour session is 50 minute massage 10 minute wank. The 90 minute session is probably 80 minute massage 10 minute wank

Perhaps it depends on how much you enjoy massage, or on how sensitive you might have become following abstention? :)

Offline Monsieur69

You can cum twice in 90 mins ( which I can't in 60 ) also a 90 minute session leaves time for Reverse Massage if that's your thing.
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Ahhh good question, I was thinking this just this morning, what would you get for an hour booking....

Nearest I've come is a body  to body and being wanked off whilst she slides up and down me, it would have been a good opportunity to cover me up and ride me like a skegness donkey...

Maybe these places don't exist, and you need a proper escort.....but I do love a proper massage it must be said...maybe I'm too polite, but it never feels appropriate to ask if she will fuck...

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just booked for 60min massage session this evening  :yahoo: usually only go for 30min but more on offer than basic HE, including B2B and Nuru which I may try. Also prostate due for a check up  :D

Offline sonyvaio

Loads of parlours offer FS so extra could be useful there, also it depends if the girls are actually good at massage, or only there to rub and tug.

agree, ideally I want a decent massage otherwise may as well go elsewhere, must admit I do like a nice oily finish though and I seem to be able to last longer because of the reduced friction  :)

Offline Monsieur69

You could also try edging. There are some posts and Frs referring to it. A good edger can keep you on the edge for more than 10 minutes and when you cum you spurt like you never have before. So oily massage + reverse massage and some digitation on her + cum first time + more massage andB2B then edging. That should easily use your 90 minutes and blow your mind without blowing your wallet or your cock.
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