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Author Topic: Plymouth - any parlours or recommendations?  (Read 356 times)

Offline Jellaby

Will be in town soon. Ideally looking for OWO, CIM, DFK, size 12 or less. Age and race not important. Anyone stand out? Thanks!

Offline Andyply

A few BUT no recommrndations..........

I've been in reflections and the GC on Union St, it seems to me that pretty much all the girls have the same issue with basic hygiene, in that after a punt they never shower. The last girl was a fat black girl in reflections who let me splurge on her face and in her mouth and then proceeded to clean up with wet-wipes and then get dressed. I mean FFS, is it really that hard to practice basic cleanliness?

Search these on here, I din't think they are highly recommended though, perhaps stick to a highly rated Plymouth escort who does incalls.
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Offline Jellaby

Thanks for those details.

Would be great to hear from anyone who has been to either of these places.

Offline Andyply

There are a few threads on here, buddy it doesn't sound good, don't do it.  Myself and others could point you in the direction of a few good Plymouth escorts or search them out on here + it sounds like a complete shit hole and ladies (when they actually post pictures)  are fat bloaters not good enough to make it walking the streets here. :vomit:
Its your choice and money though...... :unknown:

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