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Author Topic: Chloe and jasmine duo at house of divine  (Read 901 times)

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Apologies for no link as I'm typing this on a train with intermittent signal. Suffice to say both girls are easy to find on the house of divine website.

So I haven't been to hod since their south kensington days, I'm not a fan of their back to back booking style but I'm struggling at the minute with my two regulars being away,so needs must.

I also wanted to tick Chloe off my list,as I do enjoy her porn videos( porno name Karlie Simon) and I wanted a fit brassy essexy blonde porn star to bang....

When I decided to book I fancied a duo so picked jasmine to compliment in a blonde/brunette sandwich.

70 each for 30 minutes so 140 in total


Block of flats near Warren street tube. Quite anonymous as busy area,beware the lift is out of order and looks like it has been a while so have two flights of stairs to climb


Bit disappointing compared to south ken,the bathroom was basic,but water was hot and shower gel present at least. The bedroom was the biggest of 3 and clean and presentable if a bit basic.


Chloe- made in Essex type porn star. Big blonde hair,big fake boob's that are surprisingly soft,nice round arse,I'd say a toned 10-12 maximum. No belly on her,facially pretty nice blue eyes..have a look at her porn to see the face if that's a decider for you.

Jasmine- Egyptian lady,curvy size 10,boob's are harder fakes than Cloe's but still nice,and a very grabbable arse.not much fat on her either,she said she trains and it's obvious she does.


Both girls came in and said hello, jasmine gav me a hug and kiss,Chloe kissed me second then proceed to snog me deeply and for a long time,jasmine started licking my nipples then whipped by towel off and played withmy hardening cock..so far so good.

Onto the bed and Chloe went straight down and sucked me,nice and wet bj,no hands,alternating the speed it was good. Played with my balls and licked too..meanwhile jasmine was alternating snogging me and feeding me her boob's to suck.

Jasmine deffo naughtier of the two,I spanked her round bum and she told me to do it harder,harder,harder!! :)

Swap over and jasmine is sucking and Christ it's like a hoover.I almost came and I rarely can from bj..for her to suck my balls and she devoured them. Chloe meanwhile let me suck her tits and she told me her nipples are best sucked hard so I did what she said..

Jasmine then comes up for air,snogs Chloe and sucks her other boob. After a couple minutes Chloe decides to ride me,she bounced up and down on my cock vigorously,seemed to enjoy I did.

Jas was snogging me deep and biting my nipples playfully,and also spanking Chloe and telling her to ride me faster,before she asked to swap.

Jasmine's pussy definitely felt tighter,and I didn't last long before I came deep inside her. No rush to clean up which is unusual for hod,bit more 3 way snogging and play wrestling before we all got up.

Would I recommend? Yes definitely.

Would I return? Probably for Chloe,definitely for jasmine-she came across as much more naughty and playful and I would like to have a longer booking with just her to see what can happen.

My only hesitation is that I still not a huge fan of hod and it's setup. I used to be,but once you're accustomed to Indie's it's hard to go back to parlour setups.

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