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Author Topic: Romford massage  (Read 1240 times)

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Offline wakizachi



Hi guys - first time poster.

Seen Gina three times. Want to try and keep this short and sweet.

She is sexy as hell, pics on website are accurate. Nice slim body, size 8 with beautiful busty tits.

All three times Ive had b2b - £50 for 30mins. She is very welcoming and always gives you a kiss on entrance. You'll never feel awkward because she loves a chat. Doesn't time watch/takes her time/has a routine.

Onto the b2b itself. Massage is actually good. I'd say 7 or 8/10. She uses her entire body. Tits, arse, arms. She does this thin where she comes behind your ears and breathes breathes through her nose onto you. Sexy the first time - mechanical on the third (I was expecting it).

On my second visit when i was turned over, she actually massages me with her arse from my belly to my chest - pussy was right close to my face...NICE! But didnt get the same on first and third time.

Touching is allowed but I know she likes to be asked first, she never says no.

HJ is pretty standard - feels good but I'm not sure theres a bad way you can receive a HJ?

All in all, very good service. Sexiest masseuse I've ever had.


Offline dave125

I can vouch that she is very fit, been there quite a few times myself. Shame its all the way in romford as you can't go wrong for £30 for half an hour + hr .

Offline wakizachi

Def try the b2b, worth the 20 squid!

Definitely looks very pretty but very far indeed.

Offline random

Those prices are much much cheaper than what Gina used to charge when she was in London. I always wanted to see her but the prices put me off and now she's too far away. It was something like £120 for an hour or £100 for 45 mins b2b a few years ago when she was based around the Euston/Mornington Crescent area.

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