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Author Topic: Denver  (Read 901 times)

I have to go to Denver next month for work for an extended period. I have a couple of birds lined up through SA but I was wondering if any members had any direct experience of Denver and could suggest anything worthwhile



I live in Colorado these days and can tell you it sucks here. Probably the worst sex scene in the nation, as there are few professionals and even the "casual sex" scene is weak.

There are fucks to be had, but I save my sheckles for U.K. punting now.


Offline Taggart

I've been to CO serveral times and also had business in Cheyenne, couple of hours north up I-25. As conventional punting can result in police stings,(Craigslist is a waste of time) back in 2008 at a bar/restaurant in Cheyenne, I chatted up a waitress (student) persuaded her back to my hotel after she finished, had a great time and in the morning tipped her a couple of hundred $, gave her a lift back to town too. Everyone happy. Worst they can say is no.Denver should be heaving with good looking women, especially in the malls.

Other thing to remember is that cannabis is legal in Colorado if that's your thing -  you will spot the shops with the leaf on the sign.

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