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Author Topic: Lara House of Divine South Ken  (Read 1222 times)

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Offline Marcus

went to HOD in south ken yesterday ,originaly booked Honey the day before to make sure of a slot and was over the moon when she was available http://houseofdivine.com/escort-girl.php?girlid=483 just because i fancied a bit of the Barby with tits and tats thing
So i ring in at 10 am to confirm only to find out that she is not in and the rota has changed.
I decide to have a go on Lara instead  http://houseofdivine.com/escort-girl.php?girlid=478,WOW ,i walked in the back room and waited for a min or 2 and she just walked in smilled at me and snogged my face off while rubbing my cock through my jeans.what a kisser! i was shocked at the intencity of it.
Anyway she looked fantastic ,not quite like the photos on the site,she had a bit more rump around her ass but in a good way a bit like the the way a nice bit of crackling compliments a pork joint.
The first thing i thought of was holy shit i want to fuck your ass!
I went off for a shower and she lay on the bad waiting for me with her legs in the air and having a little giggle to herself.
I came out and she was strait on my face again and then went on to suck my cock in such a way you would think gold bars were coming out of it!
This went on for some time just sucking me into another world and then bringing me back just before my cock was about to explode.
The longest and best OWO i have ever had,she would stop now and then for air and have a little giggle and say she wanted to eat me up.
She is a fun girl to be with for sure.
We finnished off in a few possitions and i ended it by shooting into her mouth  :hi: thank you very much.
All in all she was HOT and i had a fucking good time and the place had a feel of hi class compared to most on AW. 
She was photo shopped for sure as are all the girls on the HOD site but wow she still looked good and made me feel like a king. 
Ps it was an extra £40 to fuck her ass so i passed on that . 

Offline Marcus

 old news !
Did I mention she did a shocking blowjob and yes I had a hardon for the full hour. :wacko:

Offline yumyum3

Did I mention she did a shocking blowjob and yes I had a hardon for the full hour. :wacko:
Yes, she is lovely isn't she  :P

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