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Author Topic: ISABELLA SCORPIO SAUNA EDINBURGH  (Read 1061 times)

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Offline nike

Visited Scorpio a couple of days ago. Told 5 girls working, turn up and not a single girl in lounge, all busy???
Isabella enters the lounge about 15 minutes later. Thankfully the other guy, waiting in lounge has a booking with someone else.
Book an hour with Isabella, been with her before, great punt last time.
Into the room, gets undressed and lays on top of me, like a sack of potatoes. Finally managed to get her off of me and she starts to give me oral, technique is good but really stop start, it's like it's not the same girl. Tell her to move up and as soon as I touch her pussy it's no, don't do that. She goes on to explain yhat she us not feeling well and she is only working till 5pm. Hold on , she's not doing a double because she isn't feeling well. Also she doesn't allow fingering because someone scratched her before. I showed het my trimmed and manicured finger nails. I told her that last time she had been actively encouraging fingering. She said I can lick her pussy if I like, told her no thanks. On with jacket, her pubes are growong back and sharp as hell against my skin.
Onto cowgirl, very poor effort, tried missionary and finished in dogie. Very poor massage, in fact not , to call it a massage , would be a misrepresentation.
Second round, slightly better oral than first round, sex just as awful, if not worse. Gave up the ghost after a few minutes. Probably one of the worst punts of my life.

Could well be she was suffering from the flu, as she claimed, if so management needs to think of the impact on the customer experience. What was a positive review, only a few weeks ago, is a resounding negative.

Looks 8/10
Body 8/ 10
Service 3.5/ 10
Effort 4/10
Attitude 3/ 10

Will def.  not be booking this girl again.
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A deserved negative review..she sounded a bloody nightmare.

Wouldnt set foot inside Scorpio...its on a par with Ambassador in my book. :thumbsdown:

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