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Author Topic: Scarlet Jo Swansea Area  (Read 1714 times)

10 review(s) for ScarlettJo (10 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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Ok 2nd review in 10 days On Scarlet Jo

1 hr in Call £200

Comms first class prior to and on day of appointment.

Location as previously described home location and very well presented.

I hadn't requested any particular outfit but was greeted with her in a pink body stocking, belt and her incredibly sexy thigh boots. 10/10 on the Eye Candy

Her pictures are certainly her and better in real life. Paperwork sorted and had little chat a well travelled lady and an engaging personality.

Down to business and all I can say is that SJ moves between a GFE/PSE consistently seems she's just one step ahead all the time.. Everything on her likes list she covers Amazingly. It was an hour of pure fun at different levels.. And when she rides you looking in the mirror it's pure delight..

All in all she is first class, located a little to close to home but guess that adds to the excitement.

Like the Stella Artois she is reassuringly expense. But worth every copper coin.

Due to other pursuits her availability is limited, but that's fine by me. As I'd be broke were she available more frequently..

Will I return certainly only downside I will soon be relocating and difficult to find such a lady...

Fluffy review?? Who cares! I had a ball  :yahoo:

10 review(s) found for ScarlettJo linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Redevil86

Good to see you had another good one jester, she's killing me , spent a bomb, but back next week all being well, never fails to blow me off course for a few days !

Good to see you had another good one jester, she's killing me , spent a bomb, but back next week all being well, never fails to blow me off course for a few days !

Lol stuff the Money!!! Can't take it with you. Met her in hope of a Duo meet!!!! But don't think I'd want to share, Greedy Me   :lol:

Offline Redevil86

Lining up my 4 th ffm duo with her soon, won't be the last so long as I servive !

Offline wolfdancer

Scarlet is amazing not only one of the most attractive girls available but also one of the best services.

Must book her and Welsh Brunette for an ffm soon..

Offline pork sword

I don't know how you lads manage her in a duo, I can only just survive her on her own... Credit where it's due..

Offline Redevil86

Give it a go P S , it's a must, but you have to do it with W B or Barbie, watching them and sharing things together is priceless, there are others no doubt, but these two i  have experience of, take your pick, your paying !

Offline pork sword

Your winning me over Red,Will mention it next time I see her..

Offline Redevil86

You'll love the experience , promise .

I am still to see SJ - and am salivating at the thought of it.

Our diaries have not matched. But I'm determined to meet her before the end of the year.  :angelgirl:

Apart from the looks and the horniness, what I've also been impressed by is her comms. It seems like she has a busy life away from providing (almost unrivaled by the sound of it) service for us eager punters. But she is also really timely and precise in her comms. A lesson for most other SPs

She seems to have a really good business head on her. And/or is just a decent person.

So further reason for her to be at the top of most our HLs

Have to say GP.... Both visits comms top draw, and guess she must be bombarded with a lot of timewasters also.
Here in box must be like mine after a week off on a daily basis.

And I feel that she genuinely enjoys the service she provides and more than certainly is a decent woman..

Lot of SP,s could learn hell of a lot from her...

I'm also hoping to see her next week.  Thanks for the confirmation (not that I was in any doubt) that she's a good choice.  Agree about the comms, she just comes across as a nice person.

Offline Redevil86

She's nicer to me ( in my favorite way ) than my o h , and my o h is cooking my tea now, can't complain !

Thanks for the review Jester.  Glad you had a great time. :thumbsup:

She's nicer to me ( in my favorite way ) than my o h , and my o h is cooking my tea now, can't complain !

Could have put it better! Hot, sexy, willing and able and very accommodating. Whether it's all an act or not, she pulls it off (and pulls me off too!). She seems to enjoy it as much as me - always a sign of a good prossie.

Offline mr big

booked in for next week counting the days down

Sounds like she's got a busy week coming up!

Offline Redevil86

Obviously she can act, don't Thay all, she'd be asking you to stay the night other wise, but she does like / enjoy her job, and it is a job, but she comes across as if she's enjoying it more than you sometimes, and you genuinely get the feeling you have had mutual fun, and when you don't get jack at home it's very special to have that intimacy.  we pay for this , if we bumped in to each other in a pub we'd never speak , so just enjoying the meets , get the same with Kandice, and W B ( who I've got to get back to ) only met Barbie with s j once and get the feeling you'd get the same there,  none are cheep, but Thay are not cheep if you cut the crap punts out. Quality over quantity.

Said it all along Red.. I have to say SJ and Olivia Louise do it for me  :D

Just have Mollie Matthews on H/L and hopefully duo with SJ and Barbie. But will stick with those.

Met the one skank and that was enough.

Offline Redevil86

Will always try others , ( the well reviewed or stunners ) but some I just can't stay away from ! And yes it was those not so cheep romas charging the same as W B ( £120 ) that make you realize you can do so much better with a bit of effort .
« Last Edit: September 14, 2016, 10:04:05 PM by Redevil86 »

Lol I'm just boring  :yahoo:

If restaurant is great keep going back, don't stop me looking at others on the way though...

Thing that kicks is I hadn't seen her profile  :wacko: :bomb:

Offline Redevil86

Going to see Molly with Kandice  soon ish , get to see her for 150 in a duo, economic's , and that Oliver louise is on me list too now, holy crap !

Yes I like Liv she's great fun, more GFE than PSE but great fun...

Tbh, only 3 in Swansea area in call... SJ Liv and Welsh Barbie.

Little minx Llanelli great but just too far for me....

Offline Redevil86

If you only have sex with those 3 for the rest of your life, you wouldt complain would you , boom .

Lol Red, if I get run over today!! ( Hazards of the day job as a lollypop man )  :D

I'd die a happy chappy after last visit  :dance:

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