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Author Topic: Re Hot Julia 20 - Liverpool street  (Read 746 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3702023 or https://www.adultwork.com/HOT%5FJULIA%5F20 -
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Hi all,

This was my first punt and I was in town for business. I had a half hour to kill so I decided to try a local girl in the area, hot Julia after a positive review from Jchang.

It was £70 for 30 mins as it says on her AW page. This was around 12.00 pm today.

The experience
Well it was my first ever punt so did a bit of research and had Julia here as my plan b. Plan a was non communicative. I called julia around 10.30 and set up the meet. Comes were good and quick but she doesn't speak very good English. She gave me the address but didn't respond to further texts preferring to be called directly instead.
The place itself was pretty decent. It was a little hard to find as her directions were a bit off and the apartments didn't have signs to them so I ended on the wrong floor till one of the cleaning ladies sent me tot he right place.
She was welcoming enough with a pleasant smile. We got the paperwork out of the way and she offered to start. She grabbed my member through my boxersand said good. However, It was pretty hot today and I was running late so I was a bit sweaty and when she saw that she asked me to use the shower before we started. It was fair and the facilities were easy enough to use. Also in good clean state so I was pretty happy
Post shower, she said "all good" and proceeded to do ow. She said she doesn't do woo or at least that's was the impression I got but I didn't really push for it as I was happy with ow. She had some skill but wasn't really into it at first. I asked if I could grab her tits but she didn't seem to understand thinking I just wanted a bj instead of sex. When I said sex yes (in those words, she didn't really understand what I was saying) she said okay you like doggy?
We started in doggy but I wasn't feeling into it and asked to move to CG and RCG and it was pretty good. Somehow I couldn't pop and she maybe felt bad so was trying her hardest to get me off. To be fair she stopped a couple of times thinking I had but seemed surprised I hadn't. Any ways at this point I felt a little hot and asked if I could put on some music and she said okay. We continued and she was proper trying to get me off and kept saying you need to come baby. Doggy, miss and CG styles were all tried.
Unfortunately it seemed I just couldn't pop so we ended up back to oral and she was twisting and taking it deep. She even asked if I wanted to hold her head and fuck her mouth which I tried and it felt great but to no effect :cry:
Anyways finished with a hj and Allowed me to clean up and shower again before I set off. Overall pretty nice and I might come again

The pros
Great ass
Friendly and didn't rush me
Good facilities
Enthusiastic towards the end

The cons
Place was hard to find based on her comms
Started businesslike but eventually got into it
Had on some really strong perfume that threw me off at the beginning
English not very good so comms during the session might be frustrating to some.

Would recommend but don't expect the pics. If you're looking for a quick session with a nice girl. She's the one. I would rank her positive but based on some of the high standards I see here I was persuaded to lean more neutral

**on a side note, I want to thank all you reviewers at ukp for doing the reviews. You helped get me to the right place and made my first time memorable so thanks guys  :hi:

1 review(s) found for HOT_JULIA_20 linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for the review, but please include the link to the profile.
I assume this is the escort you saw.

https://www.adultwork.com/3702023 or https://www.adultwork.com/HOT%5FJULIA%5F20

She said she doesn't do woo or at least that's was the impression I got but I didn't really push for it as I was happy with ow.

I take it that's owo - but please clarify, did she actually say she didn't do owo or did you just assume this? It's important because no OWO is a deal breaker for many punters - as is no FK.

Also, any FK offered/attempted/refused ?

1 review(s) found for HOT_JULIA_20 linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline zulu-lance

Thanks for your first review  :hi: on the HL if she is indeed half as decent as the profile pics suggest and OWO is on the menu!

Thanks cunning punt. With regards to FK, she said no also no kissing in general. And yes I meant OWO not woo, must have autocorrected.
Well on the site it says she offers OWO but like I said when I asked she said "no, no" so maybe it is at her discretion.
Hope this helps

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