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Author Topic: KENDRA  (Read 1247 times)

10 review(s) for Scottish K_E_N_D_R_A (10 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline johnjo72


This was my reply to another review which someone thought was a review so now posted as one:-

Sorry if i am continuing on with a thread you have all got bored with, i don`t usually comment on other reviewers. I have seen Kendra but didn`t bother with review on here as had nothing new to say.

Yes she has kept me waiting, various excuses but has never ate in to my time

Shower offered before and after without being part of my time. I usually take both what a primadonna

Gobshite - yes and especially the 1st time I thought she was wasting my valuable time, but I was there well past my time in fact I apologised the 1st time and I probably bored the arse off her.

Pretending to be interested in said gobshite? - Yes she does....maybe too well -

Looks - well we are all different but I think she is a stunning girl, any negs - maybe the eyebrows as I prefer the natural look not the warpaint, never been tempted to shave mine off yet, I`m sure I`d look a right cunt

Rotundness- depends what you like, OK she is a wee bit on the buffet indulgent side but still below average Scottish obeseness and far fitter than myself

Age - I reckon about right maybe only a couple of years out?

Conveyor belt -  a wee bit yes. "are you OW or OWO ?" asked as if it was off a checklist?

VFM - what is advertised on the tin

Overall - satisfied yes and returns

10 review(s) found for Scottish K_E_N_D_R_A linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Clattypats

Good review Johnjo :thumbsup:

You returned much then?

Does she do DFK?  Quite like the look of her..Maybe add to HL, though no half hour could be stumbling block :unknown:

Offline Roman

She not into kissing much. FK most you I'll get from her.

Offline Clattypats

She not into kissing much. FK most you I'll get from her.
Have you seen her then?  :unknown:

Offline johnjo72

light FK

half hour ? By the time you have showered, had her stick mints in your mouth, some pish talk (not in  a negative way LOL) you`d have about 10 seconds left

She never told me I was with the best escort in Glasgow which seems to be a regular comment on here but she is confident

I`d reckon most would likey........take rhubarb and dip it in sugar LOL

Offline Roman

Have you seen her then?  :unknown:
Bro you don't need to see every Ho to know what they offer. This being one of the obvious ones. Plenty of reviews out there + her profile tells you everything you need to know.

Conveyer belt: I don't know if I would agree with that. Maybe anything but. You say anything funny over the phone and she will nix you + doesn't work weekends. Just doesn't fit the profile.

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