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Author Topic: Oriental Health Care - Tunbridge Wells  (Read 2526 times)

Hello All,

I am after a decent massage with some extras around the Tunbridge Wells area.
I have seen on here a couple of posts in regards to the Oriental Health Care in Tunbridge Wells. I wanted to know a bit more detail about how this place works, what it is like etc as I believe some of you on here have visited before?

From the outside, it looks like a normal health/massage place, so Im just a bit unsure about these extra services (he & btb)? and whether they actually offer it.

If not I may just visit a WG around the area if its not good in there. (might visit Nathalie Asian?)

thanks in advance and much appreciated.  :)

Offline Dave Kent

If you're talking about the place on grosvenor road it's worth a visit imo.

Girls change regularly as is the norm with Chinese parlours but the massages ore good and HE always on the cards.

£45 for the hour plus whate very you negotiate with the masseuse for extras but as always ymmv.

Oh yeah, there are no showers so turn up ready!

Edit: if you do see Natalie I'd be interested to hear how you got on!
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Offline krish

Went there last week, It was ok, btb £40, girl spoke good English was quite attractive, but left feeling it was not worth the £85 spent

Thanks for the info guys.
When im next free i will most likely give them a visit then. Certainly worth seeing what it is like. I need a decent pamper lol

As for Natalie Asian, seems she is on holiday. Whether she returns, guess i will have to keep checking.  I saw someone's review on here about her and it seema good, however as she is quite new, and only a couple of reviews on AW, i wasnt ready to dive straight in.

Going back to the Massage place, do they offer the extras or would i need to ask? Is it the sensual massage i would need to go for?
(you can guess ive done this loads of times  :P)


Offline JayGatsby

I had seen a rumour that after a visit from the local authorities that there were now CCTV on the premises - someone described a monitor next to reception desk showing views in the rooms on the screens

I would be interested to know if this was the case and would certainly look out for it if I visited before handing over the cash

they have certainly become a lot lower profile in their advertising

Hi - I did the review on Nathalie. Have now seen her twice and she was even better the 2nd time.

She used to work at another place on Albion road, so have actually seen her back in the day too (we both realised during a chat at the last visits!). Can now also confirm she did do OwO during last visit (was commented on in my review that people were concerned it was listed but not offered).

Treat her right, she's a rare gem in the south east!

Offline Dave Kent

Nice one bf, was her DFK proper DFK? 

Natalie's profile states some services are extra, any idea what these are?

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Thanks Beardface, i have just checked on AW too and she is back from hols!  :D
I take it she is no longer on Albion Road? I checked the map area of where she is,and it comes up in TN4 Southborough, but not sure how accurate it is.
Can you confirm if its in that area? Rather than center of town?
Obviously no need to provide actual address!  :D

Sorry for the delays folks, been on my holibobs... Now back and looking for some fun today!

Her dfk was proper, but on the first visit she does "test" you out with only light first. I think that's normal, just to gauge hygiene! When we were down to it, she couldn't stop!

She's not in Southborough, she's on Woodbury park road now.

Offline Dave Kent

Cheers BF, off on holibobs myself next Thursday, may see if I can find time to fit in a cheeky visit to Natalie before I go  :thumbsup:

Thanks again BF, really good info! Much appreciates  :D

And Dave, if you do go for a cheeky visit before the holibobs, be sure to jot down some details!  :D (if you get time)


Offline Dave Kent

Called Natalie few times yesterday but no answer. Looked at her profile last night and it appears to have been taken over by someone called Leedya?

Whole profile exactly the same including phone no, just changed photos. Not got time to check this out as last day at work and hectic but weird eh?


Damn i was going to pay a visit this weekend.

Are the photos exactly the same person? I assume they have switched?

Noticed this time they arent shy with face pictures, she does look cute though!

I have just checked again and the name has gone back to Nathalie. Photo the same since "Leedya" update, but Gallery has been removed.

I will keep an eye on this as I'm still very tempted to pay a visit this weekend.


Tried to call her a few times today to arrange a meeting. No answer. 😟

Shame as I won't get a chance to meet her again for some time now!  :cry:

Bit of an update.

So earlier this week I phoned and arranged to see Nathalie. Called, no answer. But she text back and I phoned her again and spoke with her.

Now, I'm not really writing a review here, because we didn't actually go ahead with the punt, but i will write some details for you guys!

So comms were good, i booked a few hours ahead (same day). She text half hour before the meeting to check I was still meeting her.

Got her address details. Woodbury Park Rd, discreet enough. Although going during middle of the day was a bit weird as there are quite a few houses overlooking, but not much of an issue. (Night time would be perfect) went up the steps and went into the building and called her.

As I entered her flat, I was amazed. She was cute, petite, and was very pretty. She had run a bath for me in preparation as well.
But after my little moment my mind wondered back to self, I noticed she was very embarrassed and was a bit shy.
She said she was very sorry, and told me she doesn't see Asian clients. ... :scare: (I'm oriental asian)

I was confused at the time and asked why? Don't know why i asked her as I knew it wasn't my business! :unknown:
But she was all giggly and said she was too shy, and that she just can't see asians.

 I was GUTTED!! I was more than prepared to give her the envelope and get in the bath and spend an awesome hour with this cute girl, but I quickly realised It wasn't going to happen  :(

Anyway, a few more details.

Someone posted a link above, and shows a picture on her AW profile during that brief moment her profile changed. I can't tell if it is her or not. But either way, this girl i saw that day was hot. If you like petite, slim and pretty Asian girls, book her! (Give her some extra loving that ive missed out on! Lol)

When i had phoned earlier that day, I asked about OWO. - £20 extra. Also asked about CIM. - £30 extra.

So a pretty long post about how i got rejected basically... Sucks. I was so looking forward to it, and seriously.... Till this day I'm still gutted that she cant see me 😭

So it isn't fair on her if i gave a review, her rules. But from what i got when i was chatting to her briefly she was very chatty, friendly, (cute and shy) and it just all felt normal. So i have no doubts if it had all gone ahead that it would have been a positive experience for me.

Ah, sorry to here that HSF...

I also had a failed attempt last week before last (whole "I am here"... "oh, please wait 10 minutes!"...), so I had to bail. It's not discreet enough to be hanging around on the doorstep! When i called I also heard a baby crying in the background, which was a bit of a killjoy moment!

So I think they have rotated, and suspect "Nathalie" is actually "Leedya" - who was mentioned briefly in the AW advert.

But it's good to hear that she is a potentially good option too.

As I never had a punt with "Nathalie" before, I couldn't confirm whether it was her or not. Either way, she was cute as f*

I remember when I went up to her flat, i heard a crying baby too but it may be the flat opposite. I heard a EE accent lady talking. If anything it has now occurred to me that the walls are pretty thin... Must be quite obvious to the neighbours when people visit... But thats just a guess.

Offline OnTheSly

Do you guys have a link for her profile at all? Am guessing she has gone though as I can't find her through searching AW

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