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Author Topic: Amsterdam strip clubs  (Read 755 times)


Thinking of taking a trip to Amsterdam for some fun and really like the idea of a strip club that is also a brothel.  A search of Google found nothing but wondered if there was one? Or if there is one anywhere in Europe?

I know I can get a wg to give me a lapdance and I have done that in the past... But my twisted mind wants the full strip club experience with fun at the end! Don't question it is my philosophy!

I'm planning the trip sometime in October so happy if anyone wants to join... Don't have to do everything together, but a few pics with some guys will go some way to convincing the family that I'm not just there for sex
.. Which of course I am.

Offline Jerboa

If you want strip clubs that are also brothels, you must go east, in Eastern Europe and Cyprus strip clubs allow you to take the girls out.

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