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Author Topic: Fabulous Anya - Leicester  (Read 850 times)

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Offline Jack Sinn

I had booked Thai Candy ( https://www.adultwork.com/2620771 or https://www.adultwork.com/HOT+SEXY ) but upon arrival was greeted by Anya, normally I would walk but she looked very attractive and I had come for something new anyway, so decided to give her a go.

The WG

Anya is very attractive her pictures have obviously been photoshopped and as tends to be the case she is carrying a little more weight than the pictures show, However this doesn't make her any less attractive and if anything gives her a fantastic ass the view from doggy is very enjoyable. She is fresh off the boat and her English is very minimal she only speaks a few words so communication is difficult. But as is the case with every WG when your cock is in their mouth communication is difficult so wasn't something that bothered me.


I text earlier in the day and called before I left to confirm I was coming and Thai Candy was available told me she was. Messages were responded too swiftly obviously as above it wasn't candy when I arrived so spears good but possibly the maid the was talking.


Based near Leicester city centre, area looks ok I didn't feel nervous walking around and was on a quiet side street there is a multi-storey car park nearby but it is pricey. Communal areas inside the apartment look a bit cheap and run down but not bad. Room was small but adequate.


Anya was already at the door waiting to open it as I walked over, she greeted me with a smile and ushered me quietly into the room. Paperwork sorted £120 for the hour and off she went to stash the cash. I undressed and got comfortable on the bed, a couple of minutes later she returned still smiling offered me a massage which I turned down as I wanted to get straight into it she climbed on the bed and seemed a little nervous, said she didn't know what to do as her English isn't so good I assumed she meant she wanted some direction so I directed her where any good punter would.... To my cock. She went straight to it good oral (without) skills plenty of teasing around and a little poke at the back door here and there helped the process along I could almost have cum in her mouth.... I hadn't checked if I could as I didn't know I was going to be seeing her before I arrived and I wanted to see how she rode anyway so we moved on to sex. on with the rubber and off she went great riding skills good and energetic taking me all the way. Then the grinding began sat on me deep and good strong grinds. I'm not a big fan of this usually but she may have changed my mind, went at it moving between these for a while and then pop I was done for round one. Massage offered again this time I accepted was quite a intensive massage but I like my massages to be hard rather than sensual so I quite enjoyed it although she did my front through a towel which I can't say I have ever experienced before. Also attempted to full nelson me too however i was fighting her too much on it but thumbs up from me for the massage. Onto round two again she was a little shy and unsure where to start so pointed her back in the right direction started with various positions with her on top lots of good riding and grinding. Then flipped her into doggy and this was possibly my favourite position she was pushing back and giving it some really good back arch view was good and felt great I think I spent most time in this position as I was enjoying it so much and at the end I really went for it and she took it all until pop 2 and I think she enjoyed it as much as I did as she was lying there for a couple of minutes unable to move just about managed to pass me the wipes so I could clean myself up. Then it was a tidy up of the tissues and she nipped off as I dressed, I much prefer this to the occasional helping me getting dressed and being told off for putting my own underwear on so that was another thumbs up. Finally ushered me back to the door quick peck on the cheek little bow with a thank you and off I went


There isn't much parking nearby except the pricey multi-storey there may be some if you venture a little further but I didn't check this time. As said before she seems a little new to it all and a little shy but that's more on process than action once she's going she's going.



8 review(s) found for HOT SEXY SUZA XXX linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)
11 review(s) found for Fabulous Anya linked to in above post (8 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Iloveoral

Great review, certainly got me considering another visit as I got switched from Anya to Candy, glad you had a good time I do like them a little shy :)

I parked in the pay and display small lay by outside the building but that had limited slots.

Did Anya say how long she was around for? I know candy is only 3-4 weeks

Offline Jack Sinn

Pay and display was full when I arrived, no she could barely tell me what she wanted me to do during the massage let alone understand a question of how long she will be around for. She felt really hot and needed a fan to keep cool, which I was surprised about as I said I thought you would be used to it because it's hot in Thailand all she heard was Thailand....

Offline Iloveoral

A woman that doesn't talk much.... Sounds perfect...Wonder if she wants to get married haha

That might be why Candy answered Anyas phone when I called, I'm guessing her poor English is a bit of a problem, I'm in Leicester again today but don't have any spare time, back to back meetings :( maybe next time :)

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