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Author Topic: anal sex  (Read 3853 times)

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Once again I salute you...................but ire leave her to you mate!

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Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/581547 or https://www.adultwork.com/redvixen

short mature lady with a big smile, a big belly, and a big rear entrance, clean and smooth, it was my first anal punt and I have seen her a few times. I only had one before which was 30 years previous and not a punt but a girl friend who surprised me, an anal virigin, by asking for it.

But Redvixen is good at it and enjoys it and I know not everyone on here will fancy her. But the rear view is superb and the oily in and out of her emergency exit is a great feeling

I see from the gallery that she photographs her gynaecologist appointments  :vomit:

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Not sure who's protecting whom by using those short gloves!

One slip and your in the shit elbow deep!!


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Notice is neccessary for clean anal as she will have to douche before hand and it can take quite awhile to do it properly and wait for the cramps to pass.

Jesus, that must be one hell of a douche.  A regular douche is just a soft rubber bulb with a long nozzle: Douches on lovehoney.

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She only stopped anal temporarily, back at it now.  At the time when I read she stopped doing anal, I assumed it was because she was getting anal leakage?  I've heard your butt gets pretty loose with anal and you have less control over your bowel movements - any truth to this?

Yes there is, you can get a prolapse, happened to some pornstars and i read a post about it happening with a few WGs. Obviously their bodies so their responsibility.

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