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Author Topic: Need to take a test urgently!  (Read 3344 times)

Yes, I presume so. As previously said, don't do OWO now, takes some self control to stop them as they're about to wrap their lips around it and ask them to rubber it up I can tell you.  Still do RO but now take a mouth wash with me to rinse out back at the car, not sure if this would stop anything but no harm in trying to minimise the risks 

Offline jawill

I stopped OWO some years back now after catching a STI. I prefer to be able to go home afterwards with no worry the next few days as to if my nob is stinging from the friction of the sex or if I've caught something. Peace of mind is worth it!

Check this.
Went to 'Yorsexualhealth' ordered a ghoneria/clamydia test in the early hours of Tuesday. Got the package wednesday. Posted it wednesday. Got my result Friday tea time. What a service. Much faster than going to the clinic and reduces the risk of people seeing me at the clinic. And for the Brucie bonus. I'm all clear!!!
Who wants to fuck me? 😆😆😆


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