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Author Topic: Thai Independent Escort mid July 2016 I think I had the maid!  (Read 734 times)

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£120 for one hour.
Ah mid July. Those were the days when I was extremely confident of two pops an hour and then a wank when I got home. Such is married life eh?
I think this set up near ASDA in Hyson Green used to be in Sherwood. I only went there a few times. This new place isn't going to last as it is indiscreet and some neighbours tuttutted me on the way out. I arrived at the location to discover a slim Thai woman struggling with her key to enter the building. I guessed that she was the maid, or madam but definitely no the young girl in the profile pics. There seemed to be a sexy spark at least inside my YKK fly zip as I followed her upstairs.
Once inside she showed me the girl's room, made a call and said she was on the way. I asked if I should get undressed and moved towards her and said What about you? in a cheeky chappy 1977 carry-on type of way. I revealed my Roger Boner but she insisted that she did not offer full service only body2body massage. But her eyes were darting towards my erection so she carried my clothes into her room where I asked to have a look at her body. Yes,I was cocksure way back in mid July 2016. This was a funny session, I went down on her which I often do as a way of manoeuvring around to reverse 69 which I like because I know it looks rude from the girl's p.o.v. Her fanny was very dry and when I opened the box I saw white cotton wool! Tampon I enquired. Yes,do you mind? This took me back to my student days at Trent Polytechnic. I didn't mind.
So here is the thin middle aged maid deep throating me when the actual girl who had returned knocked on the door to announce her presence. The Tamponed lady climbed off and told me that the girl was now ready so I followed the flustered Madam to the young tart's room heralded by my Boner pointing upwards to the cobwebs on the dado rail. She gasped. I politely declined this new prospect and I took the old ladies arm and received a wet blow job as I didn't require anal and the other slot was taken.
She said that it's impossible for me to come two times. I assured her that it was inevitable but declined a message because previous crap massages (Pinky and Taya) have actually given me a bad back. I suggested that she could nip out for a ciggie, or leaf through the Thai version of Hello magazine or practice a musical instrument for 15 mins whilst I contemplate the meaning of life, briefly have second thoughts about having another round. She chatted and I alternated between replying What? and Pardon?  in case she hadn't read Debretts.
This was a fun punt. She gave me another blow job as I didn't fancy anal and the other slots were taken. On the way out I inspected the actual prostitute naked except for stockings and  suspenders from the profile photos. Funny how she looked so much better in that state of undress.
I give this punt a 7 out of ten because it was such a laugh. Others might not enjoy licking a menstruating pussy with a cheesy tampon dangling out of it, but I didn't let that put me off.

Offline Iloveoral

What a hero haha quality review and an absolutely big well done from me for getting a go with the maid, I've tried a few and been knocked back several times

These are the same people that were at the corner of Melton and Loughborough road last year right? Small block of flats with a small car park at the rear full of garages?

I noticed the maids name / VS ad to be the same 'Rose', the girl I saw was Lilly at the time.

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