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Author Topic: St austell areas  (Read 512 times)

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Give up trying to arrange a punt dont think aw has reached this far south so any parlours st austell area

Offline raylondoner

Save your money until you come back and drink the local brew instead - awesome!  :hi:

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I am sometimes in PL26 post area for a few days. I noticed last time I looked on Adultwork that there were some new SPs in the area. prior to that they were either 50+ ( If I want an old bird I can get one at home ) or Doms which ain't my thing. Anyone tried any new SPs?
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Offline Leveve

Don't know the town at all, but notice there are about half a dozen Brazillian's with multiple AW feedbacks doing incalls just down the road in Truro - not St.A parlours I know, but maybe an option .
Ive not done UKP review searches on them but with some research and confirming services before money changes hands there might be worthwhile a punt amongst them
Does anyone know why so many Brazillians there? some sort of jumping off point into the uk for them? there seems to be a regular presence of them there
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I think the Brazilians, just seem to come in waves, always a lot older than they advertise and nearly always very average looking.

Some decent local punts, but they tend to go off and on AW.  At the moment cornwall is a desert, occasional nice EE girl but these are a bit of a lucky dip, though more reliable than the Brazilians. There are some threads of who to avoid have a search on here.
To be honest for a decent point you need to go to plymouth. :-(

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