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Author Topic: Pimp Goes Down (after loads of Freebies)  (Read 701 times)

Offline James999

This Pimp was jailed and it appeared as part of his "interview process" he shagged the pro$$ies, yet so many pretend they would never "shag the boss"  :hi:


Offline James999

And it appears from the article that one of the girls was just 16  :scare:

Do underage girls "hide" under the "protection" of agencies?

Offline Falstaff

Only £94k in 2 years? Either that's a misprint/typo or he's hidden the real money very well indeed. Epic fail for POCA in that case. Could be possible as he is an accountant.

Offline Falstaff

He was lucky getting 2.5 years. That's the max you can have before the sentence stays on the permanent record after expiry. And he'll probably get out in 10 months.

He probably made 3 or 4 times what he's been done for.

Offline James999

As a "Tax accountant" I wonder if he gave tax advice to the pro$$ies  :lol:

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