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Author Topic: SweetAsCandii (Candice) of Leeds  (Read 803 times)

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Offline rafa


I met her last month for an hour incall in Leeds. I have seen her once few years ago so knew what to expect. Meet was arranged on the same day via text messages without any issues.

I got to the apartment in time and once outside a quick call ensured I was knocking on the door within minutes. Once inside a quick hello followed by a long passionate kiss while still standing next to the door. I was offered a shower which I opted for it was hot so needed to freshen up. After a quick scrub made my way to the bedroom where Candice was waiting for me on the bed still fully clothed. This is when I noticed she is absolutely gorgeous and fit as fuck. So we carried on with full on French kissing and somehow I managed to lose the towel and ended up in her mouth. She carried on sucking me while I was lying on the bed. I realised apart from Alicia of playmates and Amazing victoria she is only girl who managed to deepthroat taking in full length without any issue. I wanted to face fuck her so I got on top of her put some pillows under head to get the ideal position. I was enjoying myself and when I was close to coming I asked her for a condom and moved on to the doggy position with her standing while leaning on bed for support. Eventually she didn't the support from bed I got hold of her arms and carried on. I was ready to finish and was going to ask for CIM but while I was talking she laid on her back and opened her legs inviting me I just couldn't resist that so I went on top started with missionary then put her legs on my shoulders to get deeper penetration and was spent in no time.

I was glad she had a fan in her room I was sweating after the first round. So we laid on the bed and talked about few things which included fitness and I have to say she is incredibly toned not an ounce of fat nor very muscly. The converstation felt very natural and engaging however I did feel she was bit quiet at the start of the meeting and opened up as the time went by.

So round two started with more passionate kissing follwed by very good blow job. She has got amazing technique and I am sure she kept going for like 10 minutes and she didn't even once came up for air. I have never seen any girl who can do that, I have had some good blow jobs but this was in its own league. As much as I was enjoying this I wanted to be inside her so asked her to put the condom on get on top. She started with cowgirl varying her speed and coming close to me for kissing and letting me play with her tits. She then moved on the squating position and kept going with lot of energy. Then it was my turn to get on top she offered me a postion I have never tried before I am afraid I don't even know the name but I enjoyed it. Her one leg was resting on my right shoulder and the other between my legs while I was inside her. Then she moved on to lie on her stomach and was on top fucking from behind. I was struggling to control so soon move on to doogy on bed and finished the second round.

This was followed by cuddles and at one point felt she wanted me to try round three but I was spent due to the heat. And hopefully next time round I won't pick a hot day to see her. Some might say she is expensive but she gives a cracking service for the same price as agencies in Leeds.

33 review(s) found for Sweet.Candice linked to in above post (33 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline mrfishyfoo

Cheers for the review fella.  :hi: :hi:

Now that's what I would want from a meet with the delightful Ms Candice Sweet.  :yahoo:

Offline rafa

Cheers for the review fella.  :hi: :hi:

Now that's what I would want from a meet with the delightful Ms Candice Sweet.  :yahoo:
Thanks i am kicking myself that I didn't go back for repeat visit sooner. I have now put her on my repeat list.

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