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Author Topic: sensual laraa - Maidenhead  (Read 938 times)

8 review(s) for sensual laraa (4 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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Link: https://www.adultwork.com/3244643

Appointment: I arranged to see laraa maybe 3-4 hours beforehand. Got a postcode, which was enough for me when driving to Maidenhead, I guessed that within the post code it would be one of several blocks containing short term apartments so wasn't too worried about finding the place itself. Spoke on the phone to a girl with reasonably english, if somewhat less than friendly, from previous reviews assumed it was the maid. Got there 10 minutes beforehand and then texted for the address, got a reply asking me to wait for a few minutes. 10 minutes later no response, so texted again asking if she was ready to see me, 10 more minutes pass before I get a reply saying that she was - with no postcode  :dash:. Ask for a postcode - at this point I'm about to give it up as a bad job, but 5-10 minutes later get a postcode. Make it into the apartment about half an hour later than originally requested time.

Location: Apartment in block that is mostly serviced, I'd guess. Tidy and clean inside, two bedrooms back to back, the other of which was occupied during the time I was there - but seemingly not much noise floats between the two, as I couldn't hear the other couple except when I go to the loo. Shower reasonable.

Description: It's definitely the girl in the photos, however I'd say the photos were taken a couple of years ago, or she's put on a certain amount of weight in a short space of time. She's in still in reasonable shape, but not the sylph like nymph in the photos, bit of a tummy, okay but slightly flabby arse, the biggest impact is in her legs as she is quite short, so even a little bit of weight makes her look slightly dumpy rather than slim. Her english was quite poor, but sufficient for me to ask for an hour and for her to accept. She has a slight scar over one lip - which meant that she looked like she had a slight pimple on her top lip. Greets me in underwear with a throw over the top.

Experience: She takes the money, and comes back in and joins me on the bed. I make a little smalltalk which she obviously only semi understands, so I go in for kissing. She's happy to kiss, so I stand up and she follows me to her feet. I try tongue, she allows very light FK before leaning back - which she continues to do whenever I try and kiss deeper. I guide her hands to my shirt buttons and she takes the hint and undoes my shirt, I take her throw off before guiding her in completing my disrobing. As we kiss I ask her for oral, she gets down and starts oral. It's okay, nothing special, though as mentioned she uses a lot of saliva. We move to the bed to continue, eventually I ask for the condom - which is applied along with lube - I take off her panties and slide into her from behind. I don't get much response from her so slip into missionary - she closes her eyes and fake moans - eventually I come.

We separate, and rather than going for the tissues straight away, she's happy to lie there next to me while I stroke her breasts - so I go for kissing again, and again she leans her head back (should mention as always I cleaned my teeth several hours before the appointment and only had breath mints to eat after). So obviously not that keen on heavy kissing/FK. So I ask for a massage - she applies a reasonable amount of pressure - after 10 minutes or so when I roll over I realise I've been liberally covered with oil though. She disappears into the toilet to wash her hands, she comes back and things are somewhat stilted, she doesn't appear to want to move things on. Eventually I ask if I can have a shower, she seems somewhat surprised that I don't want sex again  :dash:

When I come back, she's playing on her phone. She converses a little with me while I dress, continuing to play with her phone - seemingly fairly relaxed, so it wasn't like she was trying to rush me out to make another appointment.

Rating: Neutral, somewhat swayed by other reviews here. I think it's a borderline negative, but maybe it was just chemistry/seeing her later in the day. I think - weight aside - she could probably give a good service, it just seems that its fairly variable atm, and the booking snafu doesn't impress - it's not like I made last minute plans.

8 review(s) found for sensual laraa linked to in above post (4 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Thanks for the review. Sorry to hear that it did not work out for you but for me it did. However, to each their own and I see your point. Hope you will have a good time with your next one.

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I see her prices have up by £10 across the board.
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I think she raises it when in Hatfield and when she is back in Maidenhead she brings it back to £80 for 30 mins.

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Her prices have always been the same regardless of location. I suspect the increase is due to demand and she is testing the waters to see the response. Personally I don't think she is worth the extra charge. Even at her previous prices I thought it was high for the level of service delivered. Far better options available at a lower cost.
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Thanks for the review. Sorry to hear that it did not work out for you but for me it did. However, to each their own and I see your point. Hope you will have a good time with your next one.

Yes, the poor english didn't help, but this is often not an issue if the girl is focused on you - which to a large extent she wasn't.

She seems to have increased her price to £90 for 30 mins permanently. Bad move. I don't think I would go again for that price.

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