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Offline xandyx

https://www.adultwork.com/3001908 or https://www.adultwork.com/clairesparkle85

£60 for 30mins

Good contacted her by phone in the morning for an afternoon appointment on Friday 9th Sept no problem gave me some guidance where to park but already knew location, Claire is softly spoken and coupled with the Scottish accent I found her difficult to understand at times but got by ok.

Well known flats at the top end of Granville Street near Broad street as far as i know quiet a few girls use these flats,Plenty of cheap parking on Tennant street 70p an hour

Magic door opened and greeted by Claire wearing heels and a LBD looking real hot she is very slim and slinky a waif like figure, a strong gust of wind would blow her over, a really tight fit body not an ounce of fat on her, 5'7 and small tits fried egg type less than a handfull Good looking facially but not supermodel.

Got parked up gave Claire a ring and she guided me in wandering across Granville street talking to Claire on the phone and nearly got me self run over by a cyclist if he hadn't shouted look out mate i would of got flattened lol i thought shit that would of been a disaster, note to self pay attention lol  :dash:
Any way got into the flats, through the door and into the room, a small clean room with double bed a bit tight, a table with two glasses and a bottle of water and a small bowl of fox's glacier mints very classy,shower offered but declined as had a shower before  I set off just used the bathroom for a freshen up and back into the room where Claire was waiting still dressed but had taken heels off which i didn't mind.

Perwork sorted and no leaving the room to stash just stuck in the draw at the side of the bed very trusting i thought,she makes her way to me and straight into some DFK and mutual fondling while standing for a couple of minutes then she says its to hot for clothes so we both strip off she takes off LBD and leaves on the matching underwear into some more DFK still standing she has her hands on the little fella getting nice and hard while i'm fingering her pussy felt really tight, I guide her onto the bed still kissing and she loses her underwear along the way, she gets on top of me and heads south for some OWO nice technique licking up and down shaft swirling her tongue round the tip and some nice ball sucking she heads up for more DFK and grinding her body against mine and then heads back down for more OWO,she then pops the condom on and into mish kissing all the while had to ease into her tight pussy really had to push to get it in and take it slow she was making lots of gasping noises as i pushed in now im not bragging here because i don't have a monster cock i'm Mr average and after 20 plus years punting I think this is the tightest pussy I have come across and she did say she was tight and i think I was her first punt of the day any way gradually built up the pace and gave her a good shagging i pulled out and went south for some oral on her and a good finger blasting she was making all the right noises she was enjoying it or acting lol.

We then changed and she went on top she slowed the pace kissing through out I could feel the sap rising so asked for doggy no problem her favourite position and the sight of that sexy little ass I gave her a good rimming and finger blasting to give my self a bit of recovery again all the right noises and then a good ramming from behind, pulled out and back to mish sap rising again couldn't hold out any longer and popped all done in 25 mins not to bad although next time a pre punt wank will be in order so I dont have to hold back as she is so tight,
Cleaned up and a chat while getting dressed said she had to go back to shop for fags with I.D as she had been refused earlier which I can well believe she is 30 but could easily pass for a 20y old or younger.

Excellent punt really friendly drink and shower offered at end as well as at the start will return at some point after I have ploughed through my current Hot List.

8 review(s) found for clairesparkle85 linked to in above post (5 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

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