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Author Topic: Clara Wilde of Bunnies Leeds  (Read 705 times)

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Offline n151

Having booked some holiday from work and venturing back up north to see family and friends I decided to book a few in call meetings in Leeds, one of which was Clara at Bunnies.

I’ve never used Bunnies before but was impressed with their communication pre meet and I was provided with accurate directions to the incall apartment at Clarence Dock.

I arrived a bit early so popped to get a coffee nearby before texting the agency to get the apartment number. Since the meeting was the middle of the afternoon, there weren’t too many passers by around and I was able to enter the block without loitering around too much. I then took the lift up and knocked on the apartment door. A brief pause and the click of heels approached before opening the door and revealing Clara behind.

My first impressions of Clara were very positive. She has beautiful facial features, lovely big come to bed eyes and an amazing, curvaceous body. She also has a wonderful voice, really soft and slightly husky and was very well spoken. I was greeted by a full on kiss on the lips and lots of gentle touching which certainly set things off in the right direction. I then followed her to the living area where she offered me a drink and we sat down to chat for a bit on the sofa. This bit was a lot more interesting than other previous meetings I have had as Clara is clearly a woman with many interests and who also took what felt like a genuine interest in me.
After a while I asked to take a shower and I couldn’t wait to meet Clara in the bedroom afterwards. She was tastefully dressed in a thong, stockings, heels and a silky shawl. I walked up to her and we kissed before she directed me to a chair positioned next to a large mirror next to the bed. She then proceeded to slowly undress me and massage my body which was very relaxing. I was completely at her will as her hands wondered down to my crotch area and undid my trousers. She then took me in her mouth, very slowly at first but then building up momentum. Lots of dirty talk too which was great.

We then moved things onto the bed where more oral ensued before I thought it was time for some sex. She reached over to get a flavoured condom and then settled herself on top, gradually starting to bounce up and down whilst I admired her large breasts and the pleasure in her face. We tried a few different positions which ended with me as the spoon. Clara then proceeded to help me climax which ended in her mouth.

After this she helped me clean up and we lay together for a while chatting. This continued after I had a shower and I honestly felt like I could stay there for a lot longer, but time was ticking away and the time had come to depart with a warm hug and kiss goodbye.

Overall an amazing experience with a beautiful lady and one which I would certainly like to see again.


I'm pretty sure Leeds isn't in the south west!!! Better ask admin to move it.

Online mrfishyfoo

This lass sounds fun.

Cheers for the review fella. :drinks:

How much did this meet cost and how long did you have with her ??

Online mrfishyfoo

Standard agency rate then.

Cheers for the update fella.  :drinks: :drinks:

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