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Author Topic: Swansea Carrie Chinese shop Morriston  (Read 1178 times)

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Offline byron2

Thought I would give the Chinese shop in Morriston on the out skirts of Swansea a go and see what was on offer for me. I have read a few helpful messages here to give me the low down on what to expect.
Phones early afternoon last Tuesday to be told yes it's £30 for half hour and £40 for hour full body massage. I booked for an hour for 4 pm. Got in the area early and took me a while to find the car park at rear, this was caused by using the street one and not the lane one.
Knocked on door with the usual pictures of the human anatomy.
Great looking girl answered found out to be Carrie.
Offered a drink as I was parched and needed to wash my hands.
Shown to room and sorted the paperwork and told to get ready.
Rooms are of the usual, clean, warm with music and low red lighting.
Got naked and assumed the position face down. Carrie came in and started the treatment.
Massage was very good and really hit all the buttons for stress relief and knots etc.
Asked to turn over and she started on my legs with my cock at full mast I think she guessed what I wanted next and mentioned more wanted or so in broken English. Was offered hand relief for £20.
Was more like a massage of my dick than a wank and very pleasant.
Was allowed to feel her tits, ass and cunt through clothing. Lasted about 4/5 minutes when I must have come an absolute egg cup full and was very intense.
Carrie laughed at the amount of jizz and started to clean me up with wipes.
When cleaned up she gave a really nice head massage for the rest of my time.
I am already looking forward to another visit very soon so that answers the yes I would go back.
£60 for massage and he is good value for money.
Would definitely see Carrie again and even if other girl, well I like the seeing of other girls too.
Probably go for the £30 extra as I believe she gets her tits out and drops the skirt. Not sure if there is anything above this, as soon as she said hand relief I jumped at it a bit too quickly without finding what else is on offer.
GVFM massage etc.
Overall 8/10.

Offline snaitram99

Surprised that Carrie is still there as they are supposed to change every two weeks according to the Gumtree ad. But maybe Carrie is a permanent presence and the other girl changes.

She is a nice girl and give a good massage but I think I'd like to try the other girl if I went back again (not always easy for me to get to Swansea). Don't expect too much if you go for the £30 rather than £20 though (see my additional comment after my review). But who knows, you might get lucky.  :hi:

Offline sealover

Carrie was the first girl there and, I think, is the manager. She fills in the gaps between visitors or takes care if a second client needs entertaining.  She is indeed lovely but experiences with the others can be a little hit and miss ( as is always the way with this type of establishment)

Offline byron2

Many thanks for your feedback. Will stick to the £40 and £20 extra when I go back. Cheers.

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