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Author Topic: Any info on kyrstals massage sheffield  (Read 809 times)

Offline redmist81

They have no website
What are the prices
How far are they from meadow hall train station

It's the old club 25 Nothing really to add,Just somewhere to empty your sack!!!

Offline happyend

Good mile or so from Meadowhall or Darnall rail stations.
Couple of mins walk from Attercliffe tram stop though, as are several parlours

Offline redmist81

I hope the rota on the website is not accurate as I wanted to see trixie as she squirts but there is no sign of her on that rota

Thanks for the info

I think they similar to kittens because I seen girls working at both parlours before..

used to be linked to kittens.. dont think it is now.. seemingly more english girls on as well rather than only ee previously.

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