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Author Topic: Sexy Megan  (Read 2577 times)

4 review(s) for Sexy Megan xox (1 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline somefun

https://www.adultwork.com/2679318 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+Megan+xox

Flat - messy/cluttered bedroom in flat heading out towards Wester Hailes. Looks like she lived there - telly on in next room.
Decent bod  - small enhanced titties fair amount of scarring / stretch marks as called out on previous review but this did not concern / detract from look for me. As I said good bod, as per pics.  OK face.

Decent OWO but not that deep or dirty with limited  licking of shaft.  Decent amount of ball play.  Had agreed on CIM which was technically provided - just.  Oral stopped as soon as I started to shoot - when I'm looking for CIM I'm looking for the girl to keep going till I stop throbbing.

Limited kissing - pecks.  Sex offered but I was in the market for CIM.

Decent friendly attitude to be fair  - perhaps a tad distant but everything fine - had wee chat after.  Might return if in area : Interesting there is a thread about how accommodation  impacts punts - think the flat does not do her any favors and sets the tone for the punt.

4 review(s) found for Sexy Megan xox linked to in above post (1 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Roman

You know what I wouldn't mind the room as much if she delivered an equally filthy service. Anything less just tells me she's not into it. Shame I thought she would be a great shag. Sorry you didn't enjoy the punt as much as you'd liked.

Offline somefun

Thanks for the update ROMAN, I thought you were frowning at my review.

Yes I had some expectations of this girl, but sadly it did not work out that great - just OK ish .  This is just my experience as I have called it.   From AW etc I was expecting a more full on service.  I think you called it right, she was just not filthy enough in actions and demeanor. 
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Did visit Megan a couple of months ago, flat was an absolute mess with a bloody hamster running around its gage , so much so she got up to move it.

She used to provide a much better service, more of just going threw the motions
With her now  :( wouldn't return now

Offline Roman

Nah just sad really. Works part time. Can't be bothered with returning emails or calls. So I guess she's going downhill. Shame cause she's got cracking body.

Agree with the foregoing comments except that I didn't think she had a 'crackin body', just small and sort of skinny. Anyway, didn't float my boat.
Just went for CIM in the end. Waste of an hour and, yes, her place is a mess; wouldn't want to return.
Nice enough young lass, though. Hamster was the most interesting part of the punt. 'Nuff said...

Offline bigmike32

Sounds identical to my review i gave her neutral aswell. The bedroom was and mess she clearly lives in that place. I thought her she was very pretty had a cracking body bit some marks and scarring. I thought it was a case of we didnt click in the meet but it seems to be her service which is a damn shame.

Sounds the same as when I had my punt with her! When I was there the bedroom walls were covered in crayon, and the bed was not too appealing, kinda rickety thing with a squeaky matress! It did have a clean sheet on thou.  I asked her to wear a little red dress (sure she's in it in her gallery) and a pair of heels.  All was good until she got naked, she was covered in streaks of fake tan, and her downstairs hadn't been shaved for at least a week! This, along with the fake tan put me right off the punt.  I did continue with it though, as I got the paperwork out the way.  Oral and sex were all lacklustre.  Never returned, and I wouldn't recommend anyone to visit.  Go elsewhere.

Offline Roman

I wouldn't mind any of that as long as she didn't smell and the sex was good. Probably just going through the motions now.

I found her pretty enough to look at during her stint in the new town, was often on the verge of picking her, despite all the neg reviews, I would prob pick her if she returned, cant be arsed with visiting flats myself, i like the theatre of the sauna.

Visited Megan over the weekend for an hour.

Appearance- Megan has a nice body and a attractive face. Brown hair, fair skin and petite body. The kind you can pick up without much effort.

Location - Top floor flat. Sad part you can tell kids leave with all the toys outside  :timeout: Flat was a little messy and the bed was so damn noisy.

Services - Decent DFK and deep oral. Megan has a firm tongue and does not neglect the balls. Her touchy and foreplay is mechanical like she has a step by step she follows. CIM was offered, I was ridden hard and tight pussy but poor time keeping.

Chemistry- She enjoyed it for a little while but then you could tell she checked out after 1 shot. Oddest request I had to get my own condoms as she run out  :wacko:


Offline bigmike32

What wg runs out of condoms. If she upped her game then i would revisit her but we didnt click and her flat was a tip.

Offline Dpr180

I saw Megan about 18 months ago in a flat in dumbiedykes,  she shared it with another girl who I can't remember the name of at the moment, but she does still work as well,  it was a Saturday night and they were both a bit drunk when I got there as there were empty wine bottles and cans lying around,    I found Megan to be pretty good looking and a decent body,   had a great bit if owo from her and the sex was ok,  must still be the same one as this was the noisiest bed ever and it was annoying me so we got off and she got on her knees and sucked me off again till I came In  her mouth and she swallowed it all,   
I was planning on making a return trip,  but I'm not sure I will now, going by the recent reviews

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