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Author Topic: Sweet as Candii. Leeds MMF meet. Leeds  (Read 1251 times)

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Online cks92

I answered the call on here to be part of a MMF with Candii

Having seen her a few times on my own and always wanted to take part in something like this. So the day came. I had arranged to spend the previous 30 minutes with Candii. I joined her in her apartment. Candii greeted me at the door with some nice kissing as always. And I went off to have a shower. She asked me about the 2nd part of our booking and how I expected things to go. I told her a few things that I would like to do. Double bj and spit roast. She wasn't going to let us down. We spent the first 30 mins sucking and fucking until it was nearly time. I was on the brink quite early on but we decided that I shouldn't cum too soon. Just incase I couldn't later. We had a good laugh about that!

So it got to the time that another punter was going to join us and Candii started to get ready. The buzz didn't come exactly on time. We hung around a bit untill Candii said "I may as well keep sucking you off" so we laid down on the bed with her phone showing so we wouldn't miss a notification. Before we knew it there was a knock on the door. Candii giggled nervously and went to get the door. I stayed in the room and let both Candii and the punter come through. I could see their shadows and hear their early exchange. I saw the other punter get the usual Candii greeting. Now we had all met Candii got on her knees and took turns sucking both our dicks. This was so good to see Candii was so good at taking turns. Getting them in close and spitting on one, licking our balls. Taking us deep in her mouth. She then asked who was ready to fuck. I let the other punter go first and she bent over the corner of the bed. She was getting fucked now whilst sucking me off. She looked so good and it was a great sight. Then we swapped and it was my turn to rubber up so I fucked her from behind while she was sucking the other punters cock. Then it became a bit of a blur. We did some more double bj where I thought Candii was going to choke she was going at it so hard. It all ended with me laying down and the other punter fucking Candii from behind. He filled the bag, then Candii told me it was my turn. I was happy to cum in her mouth and soon I had her mouth round my dick and her finger in my arse while I came really hard. Candii went off to clean up. So did I and then I left them to it!

Hope the review is enjoyable. MMF not everyone's cup of tea but if anybody interested I like to do it every now and again. Feel free to drop me a DM

Link for Candii here

33 review(s) found for Sweet.Candice linked to in above post (33 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline mrfishyfoo

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Thanks for review wouldn't mind giving it a go, she looks gorgeous.

Online cks92

How much did this cost?

Normal rate for each punter. £150 for the hour.

Offline thrck20

Very good review. Don't think I can share Candii with someone else at the same time

Offline Allnewman

Yea I had fun as well once you left she sucked me off for 20 mins before I shot my load in her mouth

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