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Author Topic: Marika, Reading. 3rd Time Very Lucky!  (Read 855 times)

6 review(s) for KinkiY_sandra_30 (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/3668483 or https://www.adultwork.com/%24exy%5FAmazing%5FMARIKA2

£60 for 30 minutes

Seeing zulu lance's review of Marika I tried to arrange a 30 minute booking – and 3rd time lucky.  First time agreed by text in the morning, but when I arrived she said she could only do 15 minutes as she had another booking!  I told her I'd booked half hour.  She blamed her receptionist.  So I walked.  2nd time I booked the day before,  confirmed a couple of hours before, but no response when I turned up and texted.  3rd time very lucky!  I'm glad I tried again.

Excellent punt.  Passionate DFK; CIM, Swallow.  Speaks excellent English so no communication problems during the punt

She doesn't go on top

Profile mixing with Roxy and receptionist not being on top of bookings could lead to incorrect bookings or missed services.

I will definitely see her again

Location – New apartments close to the Oracle.  Postcode and road texted at time of booking so plenty of time to work out how to get there.  Limited parking nearby.

Girl – Slim girl, not very tall, wearing just bra and panties.  Average looking - not overly attractive but lovely figure.  She speaks excellent English.  Very slight hint of smoke on her breath, which one soon forgets about.

Experience – Got the finances settled, then she came up to me and immediately started DFK.  We both striopped off completely while kissing and I started rubbing her pussy and slipping a finger inside her as we stood.  Then ontot he bed so we could continue kissing and I could see how many fingers she could take.  3 was easy.  The fourth went in b ut her pubic bone was too tight to get very far, so 2-3 is best.  She got very moist and started writhing, and came (unless she's a good actress who can control her pussy juices as well).  We both licked my fingers clean.  I asked how many of her fingers she gets inside but she says she doesn't.

Then she went down on me, kneeling between my legs.  I asked for slow and deep which she did.  She managed 5 inches, and tried to get a bit more down but couldn't she didn't get as far as gagging.  Next I went down on her and licked her to another orgasm.  Her body writhes around a lot.

Then I wanted a fuck.  She said there's 2 things she doesn't do.  One its put a condom on, I guess she finds it difficult.  The other is she doesn't get on top.  She said it hurts her thighs.  Unfortunate as it's my second favourite position.  So we went sstraight to my favourite, mish.  I love to see and kiss the girl I'm fucking.  Aain, slow and passionate as I asked.  No hint on her trying to speed me up, or doing it how she wants rather than how I like.  Though from the way she looked and how her body moved she enjoyed it as well, with her legs round my back.

Approaching the end I was faced with the dilemma, whether to continue and cum while DFKing, or to cum in her mouth (having previously confirmed she does this and swallows).  I chose the latter, so she was lyign on her side whilke I fingered her again and shot my load into her mouth.  She swallowed the lot, then at my request DFKd the remainder between us.  Overall a fantastic session.

Prior to making the booking I'd followed her profile, and seen the profile mixing of her and Roxy.  They share the flat and receptionist.  Over the past couple of weeks both profiles have been in Roxy's name, with her photos, then one in each name, now both in Marika's, depending on who's working and who's on holiday.  But the descriptions don't change.  This could be an issue if each girl does different services and a particular service is a deal-breaker.  If Roxy is half as good as Marika though, then for me either girl would be a good punt.

6 review(s) found for KinkiY_sandra_30 linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Online Cunning Punt

Thanks for the review.

I admire your persistence. Personally, I wouldn't go back if an escort wasted my time on one occasion - let alone two - and written an automatic negative review.

And the profile sharing is also poor.

But the two escorts seem good if you actually get to see them, though no CG with Marika is a definite black mark.
It's probably not worth making a long trip to Reading specially to see either of them, though.

I agree a negative was deserved after the second time - and probably after the first.  Zulu lance's review made be give it one more shot.  Hopefully the receptionist will get bookings a bit more organised.  It would be difficult to enquire about specific services if simple bookings aren't reliably handled.

I would recommend having a Plan B if one is travelling to see her.

Offline jimmychunga

Usually bad comms = bad shag

However there are exceptions. One of my best ever girls - became a weekly regular -  messed me about first two times

But I persisted and was rewarded!

Lesson: dont let emotion into punting decisions.

This girl def sounds like worth taking a chance...thanks

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