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Author Topic: Una and Jyoti - Tantric Massage London - Total extacy!  (Read 2205 times)

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Offline scarebear

Firstly, i have to thank our friend Yeboahsleftfoot as i would never have thought of trying these ladies out until i read his reviews. Mate you are a legend, and im in your debt!!

Anyway, enough thank you's. On with the visit.


As i had heard they were popular and very busy, i made the appointment last week for yesterday. Spoke to Eva, the receptionist, she can be a bit curt when you speak to her the first time and she will ask a few questions but i made a polite introduction and arranged a suitable time. She sent me the details and asked me to confirm the appointment the day before. I arrived around 10 mins before and was greeted with 1 vision of beauty wrapped in just a towel, Jyoti. She was very pleasant and so go damn sexy! Quite tiny, but a lovely face. I took my shoes off and went into the main room and then met the other vision of beauty, Una. We seemed to get on well and Una asked me if i had had tantric massage before, to which i said that i was quite new and that i had been recommended to see you guys as you were the best, and they both replied. "Yes, we are, let us show you"!

I went for a shower and when i came out there they were, naked as the day intended. Una is slim with Perky breasts and peachy bum. Jyoti, has a fantastic pair of breasts with great nipples, a few tatts on her arms and a lovel grabbable arse!

I was told to lay down on my front and was given a short lesson in breathing, which i thought was interesting but turned out to be worth doing as it made the whole experience even more fullfilling. All the time the girls were making the breathing noises with me. There was always one girl at the front of me working on my upper back while the other worked on the legs. Loads of reach unders and the like just to make you ready for the inevitable. What makes it so sensual is that whoever is at the top, takes your hands and places them all over her body. So with Una standing at the top, she took my hands and started placing them over her breasts and i was allowed to massage them as well, all the time the sensual breathing noises continued. As i moved my hands over her body, i could feel her stomach muscles moving with the breathing. So damn sensual!! They would then swap and Jyoti came to the top, the same thing happened. Jyoti, pushed her breasts into my head and Una climbed on my back and massaged me with her body with this lovely hot oil.   

I was then asked to turn over and with one girl either side of me, they started to work up my legs to the old boy, who was by this time extremely aroused!. However they told me to keep breathing and as the motion on my chap got stronger, the other would place my hand all over her again and turn away just at the moment of explosion. This happened about twice before i could hold on no more. Blimey i didnt think i had it in me, but the feeling was intense. For a few seconds, i didnt think i was gonna stop. They cleaned me up and then Una started to work on my head massage whil Jyoti had my other hand and i was still massaging her. She finished work on my arms and shoulders, placed a towel over me while Una finished the head massage.

One word of advice guys, make sure your hands are gentle when you touch them, they will be more receptive but there is no touching in the intimate areas. However its not necessary here to have a great time.

They asked me what i thought afterwards and i told them, this was something i will never forget. 2 gorgeous naked beauties taking me to places ive never been before. I had a shower to clean up and told them that for sure ill be back. A little peck on the cheek from each and i was on my way.

Guys, a lot of you wont agree with me, but if you let yourself go with them, this is better than Sex. I cannot recommended these 2 more, and its £150 seriously well spent.

Offline dalek37

Thanks for the review. Was this the standard fee as stated on their site?

Very pleased you enjoyed it scarebear, I tried to book for yesterday, spoke to Eva and there was no availability, despite the fact that since the original review they have gone gangbusters.

Online webpunter

Must pay a visit.  Seems like i'm gonna have to book ahead such is the demand

Must pay a visit.  Seems like i'm gonna have to book ahead such is the demand

Mention my name, I'll make sure they cock block you  :P

Offline scarebear

Thanks for the review. Was this the standard fee as stated on their site?

Yes, Its the 1 hour 4 handed massage. But Una told me she was not going to be around next week so i guess its off the menu for the mo.

Id just keep an eye out on the website and see when its next up.

This place is fantastic. I was there with Una on Wednesday.

Not been to Tantrictouchlondon, but it's on my radar. How do they compare?

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