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Author Topic: Scarlett Red, Wokingham  (Read 421 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2998833 or https://www.adultwork.com/Scarlett%5FRed%5F

I should state straight away that this is a review of a meet that took place in August last year.

The reason I didn't do a review then was that Scarlett stopped logging into her profile very shortly after we met (perhaps our meeting put her off escorting?  :unknown:) and then later became inactive. As her profile was on my HL and I do regular searches for certain types of girls, I am pretty sure she hasn't been active on AW since then, even in a different area.

I sent her an email of thanks with some polite suggestions about improving her service because she was new, but it wasn't even opened.

She's away at university so could have been concentrating on her studies for the past year, I suppose, and is looking for some cash again.

I noticed today her profile is active again, located in Bracknell, as she was back then. Therefore, this review may be some help because there's nothing on her here, with the obvious advisory about time lapsed.

My guess would be that she does more than on her likes list at present, but I would advise you to double check all services, including sex, before the meet.

Scarlett doesn't show her phone number but she responded quickly to AW emails. She texted me the full address of the flat on the day.

She had rented for a day in Wokingham. However, she did have a flat she could use in Bracknell, which could be what she is using now.
The flat near Wokingham railway station was tucked away and I couldn't find it, so Scarlett had to come out and find me - in the air hostesses uniform I'd asked her to wear!  :D
(As she says on her profile, that was her job briefly.)
While the uniform had seemed a good idea in advance, she didn't find it very comfortable so didn't want to keep it on, so that made it pretty pointless and ruled out any light role play, sadly.

FK - Some tongue but fairly light
OWO - Reasonable
RO - Fairly responsive to oral in an understated but natural way. Didn't want fingers inside.
Sex - In mish was nice enough with some LFK

There was no eye contact during oral or sex and after cumming she just left me to my own devices, not even handing me some wet wipes.

Scarlett was 19 back then, 20 now, and was fairly inexperienced and a bit tentative in the bedroom, which was to be expected.
She is a fairly pretty red-head but you wouldn't double-take if you went past her in the street - 6/10.
She really is the archetypal (British) "girl next door" in manners and looks, who was friendly, eager to please and well spoken, which was quite a refreshing change after seeing a lot of EEWGs.

Even though she doesn't seem to have been professionally active over the past year, I would guess she has still been sexually active with civvy blokes at uni so could now be more confident in the bedroom, but who knows.

I paid £80 for half hour. The hourly rate was £120 then but is now £150 and that's very overpriced in my opinion.

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1 review(s) found for Scarlett_Red_ linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks for the review. How would you rate her looks ? How was she attitude wise ?

Online Cunning Punt

Thanks for the review. How would you rate her looks ? How was she attitude wise ?

I think I answered all that in my review.

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