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Author Topic: What does Gabriella look like?  (Read 3345 times)

Offline Roman

https://www.adultwork.com/1870808 Never seen her. Never been tempted until she put this pic up.
Just asking of those who have seen her  previously, how far off is she compared to this lady? Body wise they're both similar but what about facially? I know I could just take punt but she doesn't do guys with no feedback and now she doesn't even take advanced bookings from non regulars. So not worth the bother unless she's her doppelgänger.

20 review(s) found for G_A_B_R_I_E_L_L_A linked to in above post (19 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Doesn't look like her in they pictures you have posted.
In my opinion she is better looking than that girl you have posted.
Can't say for definite who she looks like but is well worth the time and money great punt and will be missed by a lot on here

Offline Roman

Ta. I guess I'm just gonna have to play this out.

Offline leffub

She looks pretty well identical to Mistress Rosalee
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Offline Pinballer

Do a search for Layla Exotic in Glasgow.

Outcalls only but her pics look tasty
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Offline Roman

Nah checked them both out. I think they've left for greener pastures. Thank you boys. Just gonna have to take punt on her next time she's here I guess.

She's classy sexy exquisite and a gorgeous lady once you have seen her the pics are definitely her there is no need at time to see all the girl before a meet... Adds to the intrigue and excitement...
Have always managed to get bookings and she's quite flexible.....

Offline pilgrim

Gabriella is at the top of her game.  She is very security conscious, quite rightly so as there are some seriously jealous, deranged WGs out there who have dusty phones and try all sorts of devious tactics to try and destroy  the young ladys well deserved reputation.  They have created numerous fake profiles on here and tried to gain every scrap of info they can, even PMing genuine members for information.

As the OP seems to be starting out and discovering the varied world of punting may I suggest that you try a few other options and with time and experience you may well win the trust of G to get a booking.  Just like a young mountaineer getting a few Munros under his belt before going to Everest base camp.

I've seen Gabriella once. I've not got AW feedback so I just asked her to check me out with one of my semi-regulars and she texted back in a few hours to say ok. I don't know if she actually checked or not.

The punt was fine-she's a cut above. It's her in the pictures.

But I've not rushed back because she didn't do it for me facially. I know it's all subjective but she's no classic beauty. The girl in the photos above is, in my view, and much more attractive facially than Gabriella.

Just saying.....

Im probably not going to say anything that's not already been said befor about G.   Met most recently a week or so ago at the new Dakota hotel in glasgow.  Nothing like the lassie in pictures, facially or otherwise.  Gabby is 10 times more attractive. But as we get all the time on here, we're all in to differrent looks or types of prozzie. Gabby is much thinner id say in real life.  Says shes an 8, but id say 6-8. Shes very slim.  This lassie looks more athletic.  If thats what you are hoping for o.p, you will be let down. I think the way G is sitting and how tight her dress is are making her look curvier..  Shes a hottie though.  As hoop says, even if shes no the usual sort you go for, shed still be regarded significantly above average.  In my opinion, shes hot as fuck. But shes also  interesting and a good laugh.  Not a hint of vanity or big headedness about her, and that to me makes her even more attractive again.  My first meet with her was above average in every way,  but by no means exceptional.  I think I've been guilty with Gabby and a few others of over hyping the punt in my head before I get there,  which I've learned from.   IIt's taken return visits to appreciate how good she is. Diverse and will bend over backwards to accommodate you.  G, eva, Lucy santangelo, ella anais are all good lookers. Im always  a bit wary in a first punt. Usually takes me 2 or 3 visits to make up my mind about a prozzie. Agree that she will be missed.   Shes currently in Inverness.

Agree with Pilgrim on the unusual comments and reviews getting made.   The review about the big hard lips for example. She went from Aberdeen to Glasgow and in that time the fake lips had vanished.  Unless somebody gave her a left uppercut in aberdeen I don't see how that's likely.  Her lips were totally normal when I saw her.  Same as usual

Offline 1more1

Does anyone know what has happened to Gabriella? Her profile has disappeared and I really wanted to see her.

Offline ik8133

Does anyone know what has happened to Gabriella? Her profile has disappeared and I really wanted to see her.

She takes it down when she's away on holiday.  If I recall she had tour dates listed for early October, so her AW profile should appear towards the end of this month I'm guessing.

 She's touring in Edinburgh for a week from 2nd October. She's always worth a visit, so I think I shall be indulging myself before she retires.
Given her obvious quality, she's good value considering the number of new entrants to AW who are charging (or would like to charge) over £150 per hour.

Offline Roman

What's with the retirement talk? Just figure of speech or is she winding down her career?

Offline auldie63

Don't believe all you read about her, she's got a face like the back end of a Renault Scenic or maybe a bus, she is chucking it because she can't get the clients nowadays so cant afford the rent on her hovels.
I really would advise you guys to avoid her.

Offline leffub

Agree. She is not all that facially attractive, her profile sounds as if she is stuck up her own tight arse.
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Offline Clattypats

Agree. She is not all that facially attractive, her profile sounds as if she is stuck up her own tight arse.
Have you seen her? If not,how do you know what she looks like :unknown:

Offline bigbadbob

Agree. She is not all that facially attractive, her profile sounds as if she is stuck up her own tight arse.
Methinks Auldie has got a biter here :D :D :D
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Offline seeker

Last time i went to see her ,she had forgotten to put her teeth in  :dancegirl:
 smelt of phiss and  ralgex ... :coolgirl:
Shes only attractive to us   over 30s  :cool:

Offline seeker

Actually imo shes an absolute  babe  :angelgirl:
But still only for us oldies  :cool:

Auldie, Auldie... Is this the same Auldie who in March this year gave Gabriella a 'Positive' with the recommendation 'Gabs is great'?
Admit it; was you, eh?
So why the about turn? I think there's a wee story here which you'd rather not tell us about, you naughty pensioner...
Am I right, or am I right?

Offline leffub

Have you seen her? If not,how do you know what she looks like :unknown:

Yes, of course I have seen her!!!!!!!
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Offline Clattypats

Yes, of course I have seen her!!!!!!!
And I know this how?
You say "Her profile sounds as if she is stuck up her own tight arse" ..Why 'her profile sounds'.. Surely if you had seen her you would know for fact,whether she was or wasnt :unknown:

I haven't seen her at all so can't personally comment on her looks or personality,just for the record.
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Must admit I was a wee bit wary of her profile before I met but couldn't  have met a more down to earth friendly sexy girl
Wish I could get stuck up her tight wee arse..... ;-)

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