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Author Topic: Hot Kim. FBSM  (Read 2170 times)

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Offline Dodo


I read Rockheads glowing review of this Hungarian girl and just had to make an early visit.

I fancied an FBSM experience......Kim accepted mt text request made on the evening before an AM visit the next day. Bit of a cock up on the communication front the next morning meant I had to hang around for 45mins but hey ho, it was a nice day. As I hadn't confirmed my booking the next morning she was not prepared when I arrived in the street.

So that hicup out of the way I entered her flat and was greeting by a very attractive young lady, 30 is correct, who greeted me with a lovely smile, a kiss and a hug. Kim was dressed in a see through robe that hid little of her incredible body....her impressive bust was displayed in all its glory I had booked 45mins for £70.

Shower out of the way I was soon on my front and receiving a very professional massage, she knows what she is doing in this department. She was in the buff and I have to say what Rock reported about her breasts is spot on.....as good a pair of double D's it has been my pleasure to meet......they just hang perfectly.

She massages with warm oil and after the therapeutic bit she got her breasts oiled up and delivered a cosmic B2B....she slid everywhere.....brilliant.

On the turnover a lot more of the same ...... She certainly knows how to give a good tit wank.

Throughout she was bubbly, articulate and funny. We had a great time and again as mentioned by Rock, there was no clock watching....I went a quarter of an hour over.

She has a beautiful pussy that is worth the entrance fee alone.

My climax was awesome, she brings you to boil slowly with a hint of edging.

So in conclusion this girl delivers for FS and FBSM .......  She's back in October
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21 review(s) found for Hot Kim x linked to in above post (21 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Ming

Having had a little bit of FBSM recently but still favouring FS this seems like an ideal way to kill two birds with one stone.

Thanks for the review, she will have to be Ming'ed on her return  :D

Ming  :hi:

Offline _Rust_

It's good to know she's multi-talented  :thumbsup: she's on the HL for October, the thought of that pair sliding up and down my body is very tempting 

Online Juankerr

Thanks for the review Dodo  :hi:

If her FS is anything to go by then I'm sure Kim's massaging skills are just as good  :thumbsup:

Looks like she hit the spot, and in more ways than one. Glad my words were helpful. That's the beauty of this forum -  I'd never have heard of her without it. Form an orderly queue for October chaps!  :thumbsup:

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