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Author Topic: English Caroline - Glasgow  (Read 1099 times)

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I don't have a big punting history but, by George, this was the best one by a country mile.


I met Caroline for a 1-hour incall when she was in Glasgow. She's a mature, well-spoken, intelligent and friendly person. She's also damn sexy but in a suggestive, forward, teasing sort of way.

Anyway: comms. Her policy is same-day appointments. I got her on the phone early doors and arranged a time. Flawless passing of address and information on how to get into her (hired) in-call apartment. I believe that it's a well-known place just south of the clyde. She seemed a bit embarrassed but it was okay.

The meeting itself went brilliantly. The only request I'd made was plenty of teasing please, otherwise, "I'm in your hands". We started with a massage which begun with hands and moved onto body-to-body. Then it was onto serious edging/teasing and she must've held me at the brink of orgasm for about 45 minutes! I'm going to spare you the details but it involved some exceptional handiwork and the most amazing dirty talk ever. What an imagination. It was extraordinary.

I feel lucky to have met her and glad to have given her so much free rein during our meeting. My whole body was jelly for about 24 hours.

Afterwards we had a great chat. She did most of the talking; I simply gibbered and tried to focus.


3 review(s) found for English-Caroline linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline David1970

Profile seems to be that of a directcamer rather than an escort.

What cost was she for 1 hour?

£130, if I remember correctly.

The camming is her main business. The escorting is only occasionally.

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