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Author Topic: girls in edinburgh from adultwork  (Read 3825 times)

Offline bawbag

Was wondering if anyone can give an opinion on a few escorts in my hotlist from adultwork before deciding where to punt. carleyandlauren, pure and sweet, blondexnatalie, aprilx21 and miss chloelove or anyone else you think is a must see in edinburgh. thanks                                                                                                                                           

Online Marmalade

Why don't you post a review or two of girls you've seen and then ask - people might be more inclined to overlook the fact that several of those you mention have been discussed on here ...but you couldn't be bolthered looking could you . . .

Offline Cactus

As per my comment on your other thread, at the very least post up links to the girls in question.  As Marmalade has said most of these girls have been discussed previously - top right hand of your screen under the text "where the punter comes first" there is a search box.  I would suggest giving that a shot.

ha folks are bitchy on here

not bitchy, they are just trying to direct u to the right section under reviews

Offline carlisle78

Just trying to get you to do a bit of research rather than just letting people do all the work for you.

I'm quite new here too but I've posted some reviews and opinions.

I hear great things about Aprilx21 and she has lots of good feedback. She's on my list but she is based quite a way out from the centre and so it makes it impossible for a lunch time meet.

I'm seeing Insatiable Sophie tomorrow - I'll let you know if she lives up to her name.....
Banning reason: Trolling another member because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. Also known as EdiTed on other sites.

Offline Scoobs

ha folks are bitchy on here

Not really, they're just very, very wary about trolls.

Maybe a little too wary in my opinion, but they've been here longer than I have and have formed that view over that period.

Offline Scoobs

PS. I'm sure I read somewhere that Carley scammed someone a few months back so it might be worth giving her a wide berth.

Offline Cactus

PS. I'm sure I read somewhere that Carley scammed someone a few months back so it might be worth giving her a wide berth.

I believe you are right.

I also tried to see her mate once and after being messed around about the start time for the punt, I finally got in and was bursting for a pee, there was no working toilet so was offered the choice of her mates flat upstairs or the shops at the end of the street.  As I had already been messed about and was short on time I elected to go to the shops and as she wasn't very attractive either I took my leave and buggered off.  Her profile always says she's leaving soon (and appears to have buggered off as I can't find her on AW) in order to drive up business, but she always resurfaces after a short time.

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