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Author Topic: Lola aka Kissable Lips  (Read 960 times)


Does anyone where Lisa is now, im sure i read see was going to be working from a salon from September ?? but havent heard anything since ??

Thanks in advance.....

Online Stapler

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Does anyone have any info on the whereabouts of Lola/Lisa ???

Offline Mzunn

Tried contacting her on her number but don't get a reply.

Offline hardshlong

I saw her a day or two before she took down her AW profile. I got the impression she was no longer happy being in the industry.I don't think we will see her again.

She dis mention on her AW page she was going to be working from a Salon rather than her flat. ??

Offline hardshlong

Yes but I think more on the beautician side of things is the impression I got from her.

I will go and get my nails done then with HE to finish ! :D

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