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Author Topic: Moonflower Massage – Goldhawk Road (Shepherds Bush)  (Read 4218 times)

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As a fan of sensual massage, I'm always interested to find a decent massage shop outside of the normal Chinatown/Soho/West End hotspots. Moonflower Massage in Shepherds Bush definitely fit the bill.

I've been a few times, and never left without a smile on my face (albeit on one occasion I visited and left as I didn't fancy the girl I was offered and didn't want to wait around for another to become free). At the very least, every massage I've had finished with a happy ending, and usually more.

The first visit, back in April, was fairly early on a Saturday morning. I think I was the first customer of the day. I went into the shop, which from the outside definitely looks legit, and asked for an hour-long massage (£45) with, as I requested, "a nice Eastern European girl." No questions asked or raised eyebrows but the Chinese receptionist definitely caught my drift and flashed me a smile.

I was taken downstairs to an immaculate massage room (there must be around 3 or 4 in the basement) with a shower in the corner. I met the girl – an attractive Eastern European girl wearing leggings and a black T shirt. Sexy in a girl next door way.

I stripped off and lay on my front, naked, waiting for her to come back. I have a great arse, to be fair, and knew my pert cheeks in the air waiting for her would send the right message. She came in and straight away asked what massage I wanted… suggesting a sensual massage right away. We agreed on a £35 tip, for which she promised to perform the massage topless. After around 15 minutes of her massaging me (acceptable but not amazing standard), and me stroking her legs through her leggings and slipping my hands into her knickers to carress her firm buttocks, she stripped off the T shirt and bra and we started having fun. To cut a long story short I spent 45 minutes with her on the massage table, eventually getting her naked, with my fingers in her pussy and my cock between her tits. An explosive finish was followed by her running the corner shower for me, I washed, dressed, thanked her for an amazing hour and left.

My other visits since then, every month or so, haven't lived up to the first – as is normal with massage shops the staff seem to change regularly and I've never seen the same girl twice. However, I've seen both Chinese and Eastern European girls, for everything from fully clothed HE to a fully naked oily B2B where the tip of my cock came close to slipping inside the girl's pussy as she rubbed and grinder against me.

The quality of the massage is always solid, and the facilities are the best I've ever seen – always spotlessly clean, with brand new decor and fixtures and fittings. It's smart. It's not a dependable place to be honest, and there's no guarantee of who you'll see or what value for money you'll get, but worth popping in if you're in the area and up for a sexy massage. I've only ever walked out once and that was because I didn't fancy the girl they offered me – but there was no problem there and it was perfectly friendly.

In conclusion – worth a punt, YMMV but for me it's been great.

Thanks for the info-
 I'm actually very local to this place and have always wondered what they offered.
When you asked for an eastern european girl did they let you know that they had them? Or did you ask?

I was pretty upfront and asked. The receptionist knew what I was after and was happy to fill me in on who was around.

Offline Kinghenry

I was pretty upfront and asked. The receptionist knew what I was after and was happy to fill me in on who was around.

When you enquirer was it on the phone or in person?

Also did the masuesse offer fk or dfk?

Offline Moneyd

Thanks for the review. This is just what I'm after.

I've been going to wellbeing spa in Kensington for over 6 months but since my busty Estonian girls has left I've not enjoy d it as much.

Have you managed to get any OWO from anyone there?

Are you still going and is there any busty European chicks there at the moment?


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